Thursday, November 13, 2014

Permohonan BR1M 4.0 2015 online

How to make Permohonan BR1M 4.0 2015 online?

If you have received BR1M before, you do not need to reapply, meaning refill the borang BR1Monline and wait to know the result of your application if you are eligible or not. However it is advised to ensure your required information is correct, please log in to check your information given is update to date and accurate .

In the previous permohonan BR1M, many people were complaining they are eligible for BR1M but did not receive their payments. This is because many applicants do not complete the information or had filled invalid information. For example, their bank account is incorrect. Don’t be disappointed if you get nothing this year (even though you’re a successful applicants last year). You may disqualified because you’ve gotten married this year. So, be wise and update your information.

The important thing you should this time is that your bank account can only be used once for the permohonan BR1M 4.0 2015 online. The online system will limit the use of multiple times for each bank account. So do not ever try to register two individuals with the same bank account. A bank account for only one identity, the system will identify that by making your identity card unique. If your mom or dad have no bank account, apply manually in LDHN and for yourself, you can make the application through online.

Amount of payment :
RM950 (installment 3 times) to households earning RM3,000 and below
RM750 payment (installment 3 times) to households earning between RM3,000 to RM4,000
RM350 for a single earning RM2,000 and below
As you can see in the above chart, BR1M 4.0 2015 will have three times disbursement for the first and second category.

Semakan BR1M is yet to be seen in the official system, but regard the exact date of when the money will be given, you can LIKE this page for the latest update.
Permohonan BR1M 4.0 2015 online

A. Kemaskini maklumat for existing applicants

1. Visit
2. Fill in your IC and date of birth and Click on “Kemas kini permohonan BR1M 4.0”
3. Check the box of “Maklumat bank”.
4. Fill in what bank and bank account number.
5. After you fill in the spam prevention code you should have this pop-up for agreement.
6. If your detail is valid, your application will succeed.
Note that there are other crucial detail besides bank account, they are your marriage status and home address.

B. Permohonan Baru You (have never receive BR1M before)

1. Fill in required field and click on the left button “Permohonan Baru”
(Your IC and tarikh lahir must match to continue)
2. Fill in your personal detail. eg. parlimen : Masjid tanah. DUN : Tanjung Bidara.
3. Fill in personal detail part 2 for ‘tanggungan’. The tanggungan link is expandable, click to add and remove row. If you don’t have income yet, just fill in the field of ‘sendiri’ with RM0.00.
4. Make sure everything is correct, especially the home address and bank account number. Check the agreement box to continue.
5. In the end, you shall see a pop-up window saying “Permohonan Anda Telah Berjaya Dihantar”.


Any question pls call HOTLINE BR1M : 1-800-88-2716 / 03-88824655 / 0388824656