Monday, February 10, 2014

Beauty Products from Silk Apple!

All the way from Taiwan~~~! Thanks Silk Apple Cosmetic ;)
About Silk Apple
We are online supplier of Echisse, Ferrmina and Reacheer skin care products. We offer a comprehensive range of skin products to be delivered to Asia.
Mission: To become the premier retailer of skin care products within South East Asia

Ferrmina BB cream Set [15g x 4]
Product Info:
When applied evenly this powder fits the skin perfectly displaying the multiple-effect white skin. This bright beautification effect gives protection lets you comfortablely wear one application all day suit  any occasion naturally. Can be used without make up to give a bright look and it will control the oil flow for that all day perfect look.
Price: RM53
Product Link: Ferrmina BB cream Set
Ferrmina Dudu Mouth Lip Colour Balm - Brown suger [2.3g]
Product Info:
This elegant balm and rouge gives a sharp colour with superb moisturising abilitites. This unique formula promotes the cell regeneration and the blood circulation, moistening the lips  and producing free radicals that provides a formidable oxidation resistance function. It blocks cell membranes producing peroxide formation, that causes the cell membrane to be starved of oxygen  therfore reducing the ageing process. Suits all skin types which is best used within 12 months.
Price: RM38
Ferrmina Lip & Cheek Stain [10ml]
Product Info:
This relaxed creation charms, enchants and flatters your natural strength presenting a bright effect. It provides waterproofing brings the sex appeal, a natural and attractive look . Natural formula rose flower petal extract gives the colour a more longevity.This also promotes the skin regeneration, repair and maintenance reducing lines on the face effectively. It improves the skin nature comprehensively giving you an experience that will leave you pleasantly surprised!
Price: RM51
Reacheer Radiance Make Up Base - Purple
Product Info:
The lithe exquisite quality of product, passes the fits lightly on your skin, the color balance science and technology adjusts the skin color perfectly. It decorates the cheeks to be eradicate redness and the red capillary spots. It gives transparency with the flesh healthy gloss, letting colour make-up shine. The flesh natural brightness and Ze brilliance, creates the fine vivid make-up effect. Application method: After moistens the face to take the spots and spread evenly pat after with the finger to help the absorption on key areas.
Price: RM67
Echisse Dark Circles Control Eye Cream [15g]
Product Info:
Includes an improved special microcycle factor that strengthens the skin to restoring the skins elastic effect. Say bye bye to black eye sockets letting you restore the bright shiny look. Application method: Takes a small portion about the size of a grain of rice on the finger, and apply  from inside to outside gently pressing all around the eye until completely absorbed. Apply every day early and late after cleaning.
Price: RM37
Reacheer Nourishing Sunscreen Cream SPF30 [50ml]
Product Info: -
Price: RM65
Camellia Whitening & Purifying Facial Mask [23ml]
Product Info:
This beautiful product containing white camellia, yarrow, the Chinese peony plus many kinds of rare flowers, giving a precious beautiful white essence that perfectly fits all skin. The fast absorption to the lower levels of the skin, gives a remarkable beautiful white look, improving dark areas gving a bright skin color. The special ingredients reveal the shiny smooth bright glow. Application method: After the cleaning spread the facial mask evenly covering all areas. After 15-20 minutes, pat the face surplus essence to absorb completely for maximum nutrition.
Price: RM6.90

All courtesy from Silk Apple ;) Will do some review later. Till, then! \(^_____^)/