Thursday, January 30, 2014

H12 Media Ads: Easy Money with Blogging!

H12 Ads
Ini sangat senang, dan bukan scam. Cuma register, tunggu approve and start iklan using HTML code yang diorang bagi. Depends kat korang nak iklan macam mana dan nak bubuh dekat mana. Well for me, baru 9 hari dah dapat $3.88USD. Kalau convert dalam Ringgit Malaysia dah dapat RM13. Siapa yang nak bagi duit free~ Terkejut juga kan. So blogger, jom sign up as Publisher here: 
syarikat pengiklanan untuk blogger, jana pendapatan dengan blogging, h12 media

What Do Publishers Get From H12?

Standard banners for your websites
  • Use industry standard banners for your websites: 300x250, 728x90, 468x60, 250x250, 120x600, 160x600, 336x280 pixel banners.

Premium on video banners for your any type of players
  • Use H12 Media's unique on video banners on your websites and monetize your video content.
  • Do you have external iframe or flash players on your website? Our on video banners compatiable with them.
  • Highest CPM rate, because on video banners providing best click rates.
  • Able to set splash time-out or overlay time-out.
  • Able to set frequency capping for on-video banners. (1,2,3 or unlimited impressions per user/day)

Sliding banners for your websites
  • Use industry standard banners as sliding on your websites.
  • Get better click rates and CPM rate by using them.
  • Sliding from bottom, right, left or central... Just choose from control panel and get codes.
  • You can also set frequency capping for each sliding banner. (1,2,3 or unlimited impressions per user/day)

Payment limit 5 USD to Paypal
  • Every day your account balance updates according your previous day's revenues.
  • Reach 5 USD and request a payment. We'll make it within 24 hours.

Bank Wire Transfers
  • Reach 500 USD and request a payment to your bank account. We'll make it within 24 hours. And you will see money in your bank account in 5 business days.

Secure Pop Advertising
  • We provide you secure pop under, site under and pre-pop banners with highest CPM rates also. You can also set frequency capping to pops!


  1. lepas 500 usd baru dpt cash out?? mak oihh brape lama agaknya tu?

    1. tp kalau ada akaun paypal USD5 dah boleh cash out. sign up la paypal, free je.

  2. letak benda ni tak effect nuffnang ke sis?

    1. Rasanya tak kot. Nuffnang xcakap apa pun. Status still Glitterati.

  3. dah daftar, tapi x faham part add web site.. boleh ajar. TQ

  4. tq for info!! boleh tengok cni cara nak register..



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