Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Dessert Queen...again!

Suka Cheezy Melt? I do, my husband pun suka. We do try other bakery yang jual cheesy melt, too sweet, too little creamcheese, too sour, and macam-macam lagi. But this time, I guess we have found the best Cheezy Melt ever!
Cheezy Melt Strawberry
This will be our second time beli cheezy melt from Dessert Queen. My husband insist nak makan cheezy melt for breakfast this morning. Memang best! Not too sweet, penuh cheese and lemak berkrim disukai ramai. Yummy! 
Other available flavor: Pandan, Nutella, Oreo and Hershey's
Each cost us RM4/pc. Dessert Queen ada juga terima tempahan cake lain juga; Rainbow cake, Red velvet etc. But Lin tak pernah rasa and customer Dessert Queen sangat suka their signature dish, "Murtabak Cracker". 
Source: Dessert Queen Facebook
Tak pernah try lagi, but we will! So korang, give them a try. Memang sedap!

Location: Sebaris dengan Klinik Mulia Taman Air Biru.

Facebook: Dessert Queen

Phone: 012 250 1526 [Kak Normah]


  1. Cheezy Melt Strawberry nampak sedap.. Nyum nyum laparlah pulak



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