Friday, January 31, 2014

Image Shack? Expired.

Ini sangat sedih. OK. I was like: Alamak! Lepas ni upload dekat mana as my Picasa on web dah nak penuh. Sangat freak out. Takut semua gambar hilang (+______+)"
Nasib baik dia bagitahu yang at the end of 30 days trial, cuma image uploading yang tak available but access to the images previously still ada. Fuh~ tarik nafas lega. Ada alternatif lain tak ek selain Photobucket. Yang senang upload and tak lambat nak loading bila bubuh dekat blog?

Thursday, January 30, 2014

H12 Media Ads: Easy Money with Blogging!

H12 Ads
Ini sangat senang, dan bukan scam. Cuma register, tunggu approve and start iklan using HTML code yang diorang bagi. Depends kat korang nak iklan macam mana dan nak bubuh dekat mana. Well for me, baru 9 hari dah dapat $3.88USD. Kalau convert dalam Ringgit Malaysia dah dapat RM13. Siapa yang nak bagi duit free~ Terkejut juga kan. So blogger, jom sign up as Publisher here: 
syarikat pengiklanan untuk blogger, jana pendapatan dengan blogging, h12 media

What Do Publishers Get From H12?

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Happy Belated Birthday Sayang!

we LOVE you
and will always be by your side.
kami janji.
*not according to scale

20 Things I Will Not Regret Doing With My Kids.

This post serves as a great reminder that kids grow up FAST.
1. Tucking them into bed at night. Someday they’ll be too big and I won’t get that moment back. Saying good night, pulling up the covers, and kissing their heads is a gift.

2. Telling them I love them. Start this when they’re young. I love you is a powerful three word phrase that matters.

3. Listening to their stories. Their stories teach me about them and their hearts and what they love. I think of the stories as a way to learn more about them. And this is the real listening. Not the distracted mom who wants to move onto the next thing on her never ending to-do list.

4. Looking them in their eyes. Nothing tells another person you matter more than looking at them in the eyes while they talk. It shows that what they are saying truly is important to you. I want my kids to remember that there were times when their mother looked them in the eye and smiled. And for me this often means shutting my laptop, putting down my phone, stopping my list, and just giving them time.

5. Saying yes when it’s easier to say no. Like those times when I just want to keep to my agenda and they want to join in. Or for those late night sleep overs. Or those times when I am simply tired and don’t want to walk up the stairs to say goodnight. Or for the extra story. Or to play a game. Yes simply matters.

6. Showing them new things. I can read to my kids about history or I can start to show them history. Last week, when Grace and I were in Mexico, it was such a cool experience to show Grace the Mayan ruins in Tulum. Now, I’m not saying go to Mexico, but there are things we can show them. Do science. Look at the stars. Go to the museum. Let them learn and see the world.

7. Teaching them to say please and thank you. No explanation needed. Politeness matters.

8. Letting them help even if it means it takes longer for me. Does it take longer to wash the windows if I’m teaching my children how to wash the windows? Yes. Same with laundry, cooking, cleaning, folding, and more. But they need to learn – these are life skills. I would be doing them a disservice by NOT teaching them and letting them help.

9. Saying no to things even when it would be easier to say yes. There are movies and television shows that I don’t let my kids watch. Books that I want them to wait to read. ipods and computers that are only allowed on the main level. Sometimes the answer needs to be no – even if everyone else’s answer seems to be yes.

10. Laughing with them.Or smiling with them. Or having fun with them. I simply want them to know I love being around them.  This is the aspect of liking my kids, not just loving them. I want them to know both.

11. Making them learn the value of work. I want my kids to know that work matters and that a good work ethic – where you go above and beyond and don’t complain – is an excellent skill. My kids know how to do laundry, to sweep the floor, to bring their dishes over, to clean their rooms, to make their beds, and so on. I will never regret teaching them the value of work.

12. Rocking them to sleep. Holding their hand. Giving them a kiss. I love them. Even after those days where they drive me a bit crazy and I wonder what in the world I’m doing. Those little acts of love are important life acts of love.

13. Saying I’m sorry. Because lets face it – I’m not perfect. I mess up. I make mistakes. So they need to hear me say I’m sorry and that I love them and that they’re important to me. So that means sometimes I will say I’m sorry.

14. Teaching them to be respectful of others. This. And this again. And this. I want my kids to respect others. To listen to them, to learn, and to not judge. This starts with me teaching them this skill and me being respectful of them. Often it is looking for the good first and giving grace.

15. Encouraging them to take risks. Sometimes the fear is the biggest obstacle. Kids need to learn to look at the fear and to push through the fear.

16. Not holding onto a record of wrongs. Each day is a new day. Learn from the past, but don’t hold onto the past. I want to see the good first and not all the negative – so often that means letting go of the record of wrongs.

17. Letting them see me thrive. I don’t want my kids to grow up thinking I was a good mom, but a not too happy and joyful mom. They need to see me thrive and be interested in things and to expand my creativity as well.

18. Teaching them compassion. I want them to see the world beyond me and ourselves. I want them to give back, to care about others, and to be a person of change.

19. Showing them that the stuff doesn’t matter. Nothing in Target really matters. Nor the stuff on the shelves. Or the clothes one wears. Or the fancy birthday parties. If the stuff clouds the vision then the relationships are lost. Relationships first. Stuff after that.

20. Letting them grow up. Sigh. This. It has to be done. So I look back with nostalgia, and embrace today, and look forward to tomorrow. They’ll grow. And I’ll savor the moments that we’re blessed to share.

Those are just twenty things I won’t regret doing with my kids. Simple, things really. They’re the living intentional type things that sometimes just need to be written down.

What is on your list?

I'm getting married...AGAIN!

Kontroversi sungguh kan tajuk. It's been almost 3 years we've been married, technically lagi 11 days. So for this year celebration, we decide to "naik pelamin" again! Pengantin lama nak feeling-feeling jadi pengantin baru once again kan, why not? Apa yang buat this time lebih special? Of course lah dengan keberadaan my little munchkin!
Once again! Pening kepala nak fitting baju.
Majlis lagi 57 days and still can't decide apa tema, baju pengantin blablabla. Kad dah bayar tapi design tak submit lagi together with door gift bag and bunting. Photographer untuk family potrait utuk bubuh dekat invitation card, door gift and bunting kitorang cuti sampai 14 Februari pulak, blablabla. OK. Whatever~

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Wordless Wednesday.

Cili, daun bawang, garlic and i don't know why my pokok daun sup tak tumbuh-tumbuh?!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tip Untuk Mengurangkan Demam, Selesema dan Batuk Bayi.

Alhamdulillah, my little Khalifah ni dah sihat from demam even ada batuk-batuk sikit. Lapang dada ibu tengok Baby Adam less fussy and happily guling-guling all around house. Demam is good, as it develop some sort of immunity blablabla, the main thing is just pantau jangan temperature baby tinggi sangat. So for mommies, let me share some tips on this.

Tips menangani anak demam:

1. Mandikan baby at least 2x per day, jangan skip.

2. Give him PCM syrup, ikut dos. This depends on baby/child weight which is 15mg/kg qid [4x/day]

Cara nak kira dos for PCM syrup yang ada strength 120g/5ml: (15 x child's weight) / 120 x 5 

Contoh: 15 x 7kg / 120 x 5 = 4.4ml 

3. Bubuh cool fever dekat belakang tengkuk and dahi or just simply basahkan kain and put on your baby's head.

4. Sapu vicks for baby [tutp warna pink] dekat dada, leher and belakang badan baby. Kalau tak ada, buat minyak bawang putih sendiri. Caranya: Bakar bawang putih tanpa kulit and lenyekkan dengan minyak zaitun.

5. Bagi madu, dilute dalam air bagi baby minum. Jangan manis sangat. Lin ada baca yang tak boleh bagi madu untuk baby bawah 1 tahun but nurse kata boleh and as madu one of makanan sunnah, of course lah saya lebih yakin nak bagi.

6. Guna teknik percussion untuk clear kan hingus dan kahak baby, which you can read it here: Teknik Tepukan Percussion.

7. Guna Apple Cider Vinegar. Caranya: Campurkan 1 sudu besar ACV dengan 2 cawan air suam, celupkan stokin baby and pakaikan je dekat baby basah-basah.

8. Potong bawang besar belah dua and put near bantal baby time tidur. Guna untuk absorb bacteria di sekeliling but don't use it afterwards pulak buat sambal. Buang terus.

9. Keep on breastfeeding!

10. Doa doa, doa.

OK. That's all. Kalau nak tambah lagi bagitau tau. Terima kasih. 

Teknik Tepukan Percussion

Teknik Tepukan Percussion adalah salah 1 kaedah lain untuk menghilangkan batuk. Cara melakukannya ialah :
  • Pastikan baby dalam posisi meniarap dan letakkan bantal di bawah perut. Pastikan bantal itu tidak terlalu tebal dan tidak terlalu nipis.
  • Kemudian condongkan sedikit posisi bantal dengan kedudukan kepala baby bawah dan kaki di atas, pastikan kaki lurus. 
  • Bentukkan tapak tangan seakan cupping (lubang di tengah) dan gunakan kekuatan dari pergelangan tangan untuk menepuk perlahan di belakang baby.  
  • Tepuk selama lebih kurang 15 minit dan beralih di kiri dan kanan tubuh baby pula. Tujuan menepuk ini adalah untuk melonggarkan kahak di dalam paru-paru dan 15 minit selepas selesai menepuk, biasanya baby akan batuk atau bersin dan sekali gus mengeluarkan kahak dalam bentuk muntah. Jika tertelan, tidak mengapa kerana kahak tersebut akan keluar menerusi najis mereka. 
  • Sebelum memulakan teknik tepukan percussion ini, pastikan anak tidak minum susu sejam atau setengah jam sebelum bagi mengelakkan muntah.
Cara stimkan bayi untuk mengeluarkan kahak selain kaedah tepukan Percussion.
  1. Ambil rice cooker letak air(tggu mendidih dan kuarkan wap)
  2. Kita duduk atas kerusi mkn pegang baby tu..halakan muka pada wap tu jgn terlalu dekat, agak2 la ye..(fungsi utk mencairkan kahak)
  3. Kemudian bila dah agak lama baby diwapkan mukanya..alihkan rice cooker tu tadi kemudian terbalikkan muka baby mengadap kita..tepuk tepi dada belah kanan seminit dan belah dada kiri seminit..kedudukan tangan kita semasa menepuknya mcm teknik tepukan percussion di atas (seperti gmbrajah di atas) 
  4. Kemudian tiarapkan baby ulang proses sama mnepuk pada bahagian belakang kiri dan kananKalau kurang kuar kahak jolok jari kita pada mulut baby biar muntah..sedut guna mulut pada hidung baby kalau berani.

Baitus Solehah: Mari Bantu Mereka!

Get this from Baitus Solehah on Facebook, please help them:
Sebenarnya, saya malu nak cerita, nak minta tolong, namun perlu juga luahkan kerana ini untuk kemudahan bayi-bayi yang menetap di Baitus Solehah. Oleh kerana bayi -bayi ini menetap dalam jangka masa yang lama, dan bilangan bayi bertambah, bertambahnya bayi apabila ibu memelihara anak sendiri tetapi tidak mendapat sokongan keluarga. Maka waris tidak datang menjemput ibu bayi untuk dibawa pulang ke rumah.

Baitus Solehah menyokong hasrat ibu memandangkan manafaat yang lebih besar untuk ibu dan bayi, selain tuntutan anak sendiri yang menyusu dari susu ibu.

Dengan itu saya berhasrat untuk membina satu ruangan untuk mandi bayi di kawasan porche kereta. Selama ini bayi dimandikan menggunakan singki dapur. Dalam tempoh yang sekejab dan bilangan bayi yang sedikit, cuma satu atau dua bayi dalam satu masa. Itu pada peringkat awal dulu. Sejak Baitus Solehah menyokong ibu memelihara bayi mereka sendiri dan ibu terpaksa menetap di Baitus Solehah dalam satu tempoh yang tidak diketahui, maka saya perlu membina table top berserta singki khas untuk dijadikan tempat mandi bayi.

Singki ini juga digunakan sebagai tempat untuk mencuci / berinstinjak apabila bayi qada hajat. Ia sesuai dengan ajaran agama yang menggalakkan bersuci menggunakan air mutlak. Memang bayi-bayi di Baitus Solehah tidak menggunakan wet tissue bagi mengelakkan ruam lampin.

Saya pernah menulis tentang mandi bayi di laman Baitus Solehah dimana ada komen tentang unhygienic menggunakan singki dapur sebagai tempat mandi bayi. Walaupun gambar itu telah saya edit, tutup dengan warna, masih orang dapat meneka saya menggunakan singki dapur sebagai tempat mandi bayi. Tambahan kini penghuni yang bertambah, aktivit memasak juga bertambah.

Sedikit kos diperlukan untuk membina table top, singki dan pemasangan paip air.

Sebenar-benarnya saya merasa amat malu nak berkongsi hal ini dengan kawan-kawan. Saya bukan jenis meminta-minta. Melainkan jika ada golongan asnaf yang memerlukan perhatian, bantuan dan pertolongan, saya akan menulis dan menghebahkan kepada umum untuk kita sama-sama membantu.

Sebarang sumbangan untuk Rumah Perlindungan Wanita, Baitus Solehah boleh dimasukkan ke dalam akaun Maybank : 551306513550 atas nama Baitus Solehah.

Emailkan, atau sms 0197799682

Semoga Allah mengurniakan rezeki yang halal dan tidak terhingga dari sumber yang tidak diketahui, memudahkan segala urusan di dunia dan akhirat kepada semua penyumbang dan keluarga. Menjadikan kita jutawan yang memiliki kekayaan iman, kekayaan jiwa dan kekayaan harta dalam rahmat Allah Ta'ala.

Bayi-bayi dalam gambar ini menetap di Baitus Solehah dan tidak diserahkan kepada mana-mana keluarga angkat.

Thursday, January 23, 2014


Adam Demam, Batuk dan Selesema.

"u know somehow u can jab somebody stomach with insulin anytime, anywhere; but u can't even give ur son fever meds when he's sick and become panic instead.duh,"
#pharmacylife #now #housewife
Adam demam beserta selesema and batuk. I don't know that baby 6 months can have cough too. Tak pernah pun dispense ubat batuk dekat baby. Saya sangat panik and worry like h*ll. OK, fine. Anak orang lain pun demam, macam lah rare sangat perkataan demam tu kan. But who cares, this is my son. Of courselah risau. Dah bagi PCM since yesterday. He seems OK. Last night Adam macam tak boleh tidur, tapi dia tak nangis. Cuma guling-guling maybe menghiburkan hati sendiri di tengah malam. *gasp*
     But this morning he keep crying. As I stated earlier, dia selesema. It become worst, hidung tersumbat and susah nak bernafas. Adoi. Nasal aspirator tak beli pulak, Vicks pun tak ada. So Lin baringkan dia mengereng, urut dada dia pakai minyak TYT and tepuk-tepuk belakang dia. Then teringat this method. Thank god I read about CPT [Chest Physical Theraphy]. Try buat dekat Adam, and it works! Adam start gagging and muntahkan mucous. Alhamdulillah. Dia OK.

So, jom belajar CPT bersama-sama which you can read about it here: 

Nampak macam tak penting, but you never know. Right?

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Giveaway by Qaseh Gold Johor

Salam. Hi, Lin join Giveaway by Qaseh Gold Johor. Nak minta tolong like entry kita boleh tak? Please~ ;)
All you need to do, cuma:
Jemput join sekali semua. Thanks in Advance!

Wordless Wednesday.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Fun-da-Mental of Kuih Peniram: Disaster?

Saya stress. Kuih yang saya buat tak cantik. (T______T)" Brown Sugar Ring Fritters. OK fine! Nama sebenar dia Kuih or Cucur Peniram. I sound stupid when I speak Malay, blablabla. This will be the recipe, copy paste from MyResepi:
This is my own pic la opkos.
1 kampit tepung beras yg 1kg
900gm gula merah
2 1/2 cawan air 
segenggam tepung gandum
minyak secukupnya untuk menggoreng

1. Masak gula dengan air sampai mendidih, perlahankan api supaya air gula tidak melimpah, kacau sampai gula betul-betul hancur.
2. Tapiskan air gula terus ke dalam tepung sambil di kacau agar tepung tidak berketul-ketul...(tuang masa air gula panas-panas) setelah sejuk sedikit,..uli bancuhan tepung macam uli roti canai,...pastikan adunan tidak terlalu keras dan tidak terlalu lembut,..agak2 boleh di canai macam nak buat biskut.
3. Perapkan semalaman,bila nak goreng canaikan atas plastik yg telah disapu sedikit minyak supaya tidak melekat. terapkan guna acuan donat,..acuan ni siap ada lubang kat tengahnya, x payahlah guna jari or anything utk melubangkannya. Pastikan minyak betul2 panas bila nak menggoreng,..try masukkan 1 dulu...klau cepat je timbulnya n x hancur...menjadilah tu...kalau minyak terlalu panas...pandai2lah slowkan api tu yer....kang hangus plak kuih tu...selamat mencuba,..semoga berjaya!!

My Outcome:
Walaupun buruk, tapi rasanya sedap okkhayy~!
Oh please jangan muntah,gelak atau komen. Saya tak perlukan feedback anda. *cry* I texted my hubby,
"My peniram look like shit (T______T). Seriously"
Then he reply back:
OK. Rasanya memang sejibik macam kuih peniram that we like. For the first-timer I guess, best la. Opkos. Opkos. I replied back
"Sedap. Tp serius it look like shit,"
Then he reply:
"Jangan buang,"
Aiyo. I don't know la. Tengok makcik yang jual kuih ni, macam relax je buat. How? Me struggle sungguh time nak bentukkan kuih and goreng. 1st peniram? Hangus. Then pelan-pelan I become good with it. But still, mengapakah my kuih peniram not perfectly round? I do use cookie cutter, but it turns out penyek masa menggoreng. Adoi. Disaster.

     Kuih peniram sedap tau. Sangat addictive. We love it. Kalau beli dekat pasar malam 6 biji mini comel-comel cost us RM1. Selalunya kami beli RM5. Itupun rasa macam tak cukup. Well I guess practice make perfect, right? Next time boleh cuba lagi.

...OR can I just change it shape? buat bentuk churros ke ;)

Saturday, January 18, 2014

First Date with Natta Cosme

Lin dapat parcel ni last week from Natta Cosme as I'm joining their Beauty Ambassador Program. Love it! \(^_____^)/ Thanks Natasha and Stephanie for this!
Product List:
1. My Scheming Luxury Series Nano Platinum Total Care Mask x2
2. am+pm All Day No Shine Sebum Balancer 10ml sample
3. am+pm A30 Pore Minimizing Complex 8g sample
4. NARUKO Oil Out Night Gelly 10g sample

"Dad told me not to date stranger, but only date with someone who really cares about me,"

How sweet is that? Will update more bout above products after this, so stay tuned. Adam dah bangun pula. Huhuhu. Till, then. Salam ;)

P/S: Mask Sale as low as RM1.90! at Natta Cosme.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Adam's Training Cup.

Price: RM13.90 at Tesco. Cute isn't it? Adam minum pakai cawan sebab dia tak tahu macam mana nak hisap botol, pacifier pun tak. So I buy this for him. Senang nak minum air. Baby-baby sekarang sangat cepat belajar, sangat cepat besar :')
Baby on-training

21 Clear Signs You're a Mom.

1. Instead of running from projectile vomit, you run towards it. 

2. You do more in seven minutes than most people do all day. 

3. Happy hour has become the 60 minutes between your kids going to bed and you going to bed. 

4. A glass of wine counts as a serving of fruit. 

5. You have mini-therapy sessions all day long with anyone who will listen. 

6. Going to the grocery store by yourself is a vacation. 

7. You think of physical pain on three levels: pain, excruciating pain and stepping on a Lego.

8. You have the ability to hear a sneeze through closed doors in the middle of the night, two bedrooms away, while your husband snores next to you. 

9. You'd rather have a 103 degree fever than watch one of your kids suffer with it. 

10. A 15-minute shower with the door locked feels like a day at the spa. 

11. Peeing with an audience is part of the daily routine. 

12. You use baby wipes to clean up random spills and the dash of your car. 

13. You lock yourself in the bathroom and pretend to have diarrhea just to get a break. 

14. You love Moms' Night Out and Date Night with the Hubs. 

15. You have a secret chocolate stash because frankly, you're sick of sharing. 

16. You've been washing the same load of laundry for three days because you forgot to dry it. 

17. You realize you've been watching Nick Jr. alone, even though your kids have been in bed for over 30 minutes. 

18. You can cook dinner, breastfeed, talk on the phone and yell at the kids, all without breaking stride or missing any of the TV show you are watching. 

19. You get more excited about the Mini Boden Catalogue than J Crew's. 

20. You decide to stick with your car for the next decade because a) you can't afford to switch and b) you haven't found a car wash that knows how to get all the milk stains and glitter removed. 

21. By the end of the day, brushing your teeth feels like a huge accomplishment.

[Taken from the]

Thursday, January 16, 2014

City Square.

     It's been years since kami jejak kaki dekat sini. Sebenarnya hari ni programnya nak jemput my Sis dekat Kolej Islam Johor, tapi kami decide nak pergi awal and singgah dekat City Square. Window shopping and eat. Makan dekat outdoor F&B dekat floor 6 same floor with cinema. Speechless. Sangat cantik. Sorry tak ada gambar, tak teringat. Ingat ambil gambar budak kecik ni je.
Sangat jakun. They use card system there, which you have to buy prepaid card then barulah beli food. Nasi Ayam Black Pepper RM6.50, Lemon Tea RM2.80, Mineral Water RM1.80 and Nasi Campur RM5.50. Total RM16.60. Standard price, rasa boleh tahanlah, but nasi ayamnya ciput je. Tesangatlah portion control kan. Tak puas makan. (T______T)" 
     And dekat CS rupanya ada Humble Beginning. Ala~ tempat jual mille crepe yang sedap tahap dewa tu. Tapi sadly kedainya tutup. Tak dapat makan mille crepe tak apa, soft cookie Subway pun sodap~ Esok En. Hubby cuti. Pergi KSL pun best juga kan? Huhuhu. 

P/S: Psst..tengok jam sekarang pukul berapa? Kejap lagi ada cerita Sherlock dekat AXN ;)

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Review: Sambal Belacan Adabi

Dah try sambal belacan Adabi? Nampak sangat awak malas nak menumbuk kan. Kalau sambal belacan pun malas nak buat, tak tahulah pemalas jenis apa lah awak ni. Lin rajin. Beli sambal belacan kat bawah ni bukan sebab malas tau, tapi kita menyokong industri makanan tempatan lah. HAHAHA. OK. Joking. 
     Ada dua jenis: Sambal Belacan Moden Pedan [Hijau] dan Sambal Belacan Pedas dan Tradisi [Merah]. Cost me RM2.80 and RM3.20 each. Sedap. Lin rasa walaupun kedua-duanya sambal belacan, but warna hijau tu rasa macam sambal tumis yang manis lah. Lin tak berapa gemar sangat makan dengan nasi, sebab tak pedas and sedap buat sambal colek buah je. Warna merah tu memang rasa macam sambal belacan yang kita buat tu. Apa-apa pun dua-dua pun OK. Kalau dah buka, lepas tu kena masuk dalam peti ais tau. Tu je nak cakap, till then. Salam.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Adam Menang Fisher-Price Press & Crawl Lion by Mama Baby World!

Hadiah dah sampai, semalam. Thanks!

Growing Baby™ Press & Crawl™ Lion
When baby is ready to crawl, an adorable rolling lion is an encouraging friend! Baby bats at the lion’s mane to make it spin, developing fine motor skills. Pressing on the lion’s back to make it go fosters understanding of cause and effect. And easy-rolling wheels invite baby to crawl, building gross motor skills.

Develop & Learn:
Easy-rolling wheels
Encourage baby to crawl, building gross motor skills
Press & go action
Seeing the lion move after pressing its back helps baby understand cause & effect
Spinning mane
As baby bats the mane to make it spin, fine motor skills develop

Gross motor skills
Cause & effect
Fine motor skills

For more info about Fisher Price Toys range, click here: Fisher Price Website.

Dessert Queen...again!

Suka Cheezy Melt? I do, my husband pun suka. We do try other bakery yang jual cheesy melt, too sweet, too little creamcheese, too sour, and macam-macam lagi. But this time, I guess we have found the best Cheezy Melt ever!
Cheezy Melt Strawberry
This will be our second time beli cheezy melt from Dessert Queen. My husband insist nak makan cheezy melt for breakfast this morning. Memang best! Not too sweet, penuh cheese and lemak berkrim disukai ramai. Yummy! 
Other available flavor: Pandan, Nutella, Oreo and Hershey's
Each cost us RM4/pc. Dessert Queen ada juga terima tempahan cake lain juga; Rainbow cake, Red velvet etc. But Lin tak pernah rasa and customer Dessert Queen sangat suka their signature dish, "Murtabak Cracker". 
Source: Dessert Queen Facebook
Tak pernah try lagi, but we will! So korang, give them a try. Memang sedap!

Location: Sebaris dengan Klinik Mulia Taman Air Biru.

Facebook: Dessert Queen

Phone: 012 250 1526 [Kak Normah]

Review: SCARF Perfume...wanginya!

     Apa minyak wangi kesukaan awak? How it smell like? Kenapa mesti pakai minyak wangi? Bagi Lin, Lin pakai minyak wangi sebab nak increase confident bila berdepan orang ramai and to feel good bout myself as it can boost my mood positively. Yelah kalau busuk-busuk, orang pun tak selesa dengan kita kan?
     scarf perfume
Maklumat Produk:
Scarf Perfume is the inspired creation of Bryan Gan enhancing the uniqueness of every woman. Designed to reflect and highlight the different personalities of a woman's life. Flexible and free to express your mood and fashion of the moment with a fragrance that is remembered.

EDP. Bebas Alkohol. Berdaftar dengan BPFK.

Terdapat dalam 5 variasi:
Active & Exotic
Wangian yang menonjolkan ciri-ciri kewanitaan dan manis. Aroma erotik dengan cinta, kasih sayang dan semangat, ia sesuai untuk masa yang romantis atau untuk menarik perhatian kepada kecantikan anda.
Elegant & Luxury
Satu aroma yang memaparkan imej wanita berdikari daripada hari ini, iaitu tabah, menawan, anggun dan mewah. Sesuai untuk majlis formal, mesyuarat atau makan malam. Jadikan diri anda cemerlang dan diingati sebagai seorang wanita yang penuh keyakinan dalam kehidupan dan kerjaya.
Nature & Outdoor
Satu aroma semula jadi yang merangkumi cinta kepada alam dan aksi luaran. Mencerminkan suasana kehidupan yang didiami, sihat, pengembaraan dan kecergasan dan kebebasan peribadi dalam wangian ini. Berikan percikan menyegarkan kepada deria dengan nikmat alam semulajadi.
Fresh & Light
Menyegarkan ruang anda, berehat untuk masa ini dan menikmati kegembiraan mengelilingi anda dengan wangian ini yang segar dan nyaman. Hujung minggu yang santai jauh dinikmati dalam aroma aman. Bebaskan diri daripada kerisauan harian dan beri ruang yang terbaik kepada hidup anda.
Smart & Casual
Untuk masa sekarang, sejenak, kegunaan harian atau, satu aroma mesra khas “helo” yang sentiasa menambah senyuman kepada kawan-kawan anda, suasana kerja atau kenalan baru. Menjadi pintar dan kasual untuk sebarang aktiviti, dengan kegembiraan dan nikmat hidup.

Made in Malaysia.

Premium Pack [5 x 15ml]: RM167
Mini Pack [5 x 2ml]: RM37
Single Pack [15ml]: RM47

My Verdict:
scarf perfume
Premium Pack courtesy from SCARF Perfume
Cantik kan packagingnya? Simple and sturdy slide box, boleh buat hadiah hantaran or maybe for your special love one, your mom etc. ;) Been using this for a week now. Honestly at first Lin bau perfumes ni, semerbak kuat mungkin menyebabkan pening kepala dekat sesetengah orang. Clearly stated there dekat packaging EDP which stand for *Eau De Parfum, sembur nya bukan main lagi merata macam pakai cologne. Hahaha. So, Lin cuma sembur sekali dekat wrist and neck and the smell stay all day. Kalau pakai dekat tudung lagilah. Jimat! Agak-agaknya 1 bottle boleh tahan berapa lama?
     My favourite? Semua wangi, but if I have to choose between this 5, I would choose Fresh & Light [Blue] and Smart & Casual [Yellow] sebab both wearable as everyday fragrance. My hubby pula love Elegant & Luxury [Purple]. He said it is because, it have that "woman-ly" scent that he like, yada yada panjang lagi explaination dia. That's what will happen if you ask your man opinion :P
This is spray bottle kind of perfume. As I said ealier, SCARF Perfume ni EDP; which is sangat pekat and kuat baunya. We tend to spray a lot! Kalau tukar "kepala"nya to roll on mesti dapat jimat banyak. Berbaloi-baloi ;) In addition, perfume ni tak ada alkohol so tak perlu risau nak bawa solat kalau tersembur dekat pakaian.
     Oh, they did have Mini Size:
So, sesiapa yang interested can get this mini pack first. Personally, I will. Sebab it smaller and vial type, which I can control banyak mana nak guna. Last but not least, I love SCARF Perfume and will recommend it to you girls. Get yours HERE: Senarai Pengedar SCARF Perfume.

Follow SCARF Perfume for more info and promotion:
WhatsApp 018-4666453

*Eau de Parfum (EDP)
Wangiannya cukup tahan lama sehingga 8 - 10 jam. Jenis wangian ini mempunyai alkohol yang sedikit dan peratusan pati wangian adalah antara 15 - 20 peratus. Oleh sebab itu, aroma wanginya cukup kuat dan tahan lama sehingga ke 24 jam.

Washer Machine.

Masih cerita tentang WM and I guess this will be the last one. If you read this entry: SENHENG: What is this SH*T? You will know all my raving about WM that I buy from Senheng Online. Pfft~ never again lah after this.
Dah sampai last Saturday on 11th. Ambil masa 18 days to reach my house. Best dah ada WM. Senang kerja, jimat masa. I love my washer machine. OK, itu je nak cerita.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Teacher Suzlin.

As currently, basically I’m doing nothing, as my mom said. So, my mom ask me to teach my brothers English. I said why not walaupun English 1119 A1 tapi rasanya my English level still tunggang terbalik. HAHAHA. Tak apalah, I’ll try. Plus ni win-win situation, Lin ajar diorang and at the same time Adam can play with his uncle in my house. So, tak lah sunyi sangat rumah ni.
But the problem is, diorang asyik nak main je. Tak takut pun dengan “Teacher” ni. For the first class, I ask them to list down 100 words which have more than 5 letters. Anything. In order to know their vocab level and of course, spelling. Adoi, ambil masa more than 2 hours for them to finish it. Eh tak, tak siap pun. Aliff tidur and Daniel main kejar-kejar with my husband. Adoi. Tak membantu. 

This upcoming Friday tak tahulah nak ajar apa. Adoi.

My mini herb garden.

In this entry: This and that, Lin ada stated that Lin nak buat mini herb garden. So here it is, my 1 week old-mini garden. Terujanya saya!
From left: Daun sup, cili, garlic and onion.
Don’t you just love it? Tanam menanam and see how it grows. I ask myself when is the last time I plant something? Adoi, hard question. I can’t even remember when! So here I am doing this, for myself.

P/S: Start small.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Review: Crazy Rumors Spiced Chai Lip Balm

Product Details:
Crazy Rumors bring you All-Natural & Vegan, indulgently clean, out of this world flavored lip treats made with certified organic ingredients. 
For all the tea lovers out there, there's no whistling kettles here - just 100% natural, rejuvenating flavors found in your favorite tea, packed into a luscious, soothing treat for your lips!
Brew Lip Balm fuses exotic and aromatic flavors with nourishing ingredients, which will leave your lips feeling replenished, soft and supple. Made with moisturizing organic shea butter, it's the ultimate tea party for your pucker!

Spiced Chai is a spicy blend of savory cardamom, cinnamon, vanilla & ginger.

How to use: Apply onto lips at anytime of the day.

Ingredients: 100% All Natural, Cruelty - Free & Vegan (the good stuff)
Certified Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Macadamia Seed Oil, Certified Organic Shea Butter, Candelilla Wax, Soy Wax, Jojoba Oil, Carnauba Wax, Natural & Organic Flavors and/or Pure Essential Oils, Vitamin E, Rosemary Leaf Extract, Natural Stevia

Made in US

Price: RM15 (0.15oz)

My Verdict:
Finally decided to buy one from Crazy Rumors. I saw this first on The Love Jars and there's a lot of variation of flavours. It comes in tube of 0.15 oz which I love because I hate sticking my fingers into pots, then smearing product onto my lips. They do have multiple lines of flavours:
Desert Flavour
Crazy Rumors Red Velvet Cake Lip Balm
Crazy Rumors Chocolate Strawberry Lip Balm

Ice Cream Flavour
Crazy Rumors Banana Split Lip Balm
Crazy Rumors Orange Creamsicle Split Lip Balm
Crazy Rumors Mint Chocolate Balm
Crazy Rumors Rasberry Sherbet Balm

Citrus Flavour
Crazy Rumors Lemonade Lip Balm
Crazy Rumors Limeade Lip Balm
Crazy Rumors Orange Juice Lip Balm
Crazy Rumors Pink Grapefruit Juice Lip Balm

Crazy Rumors Grape Bubble Lip Balm
Crazy Rumors Mint Bubble Lip Balm
Crazy Rumors Berry Bubble Lip Balm
Crazy Rumors Bubble Gum Lip Balm

Coffee Flavour
Crazy Rumors Amaretto Lip Balm
Crazy Rumors French Vanilla Lip Balm
Crazy Rumors Coffee Bean Lip Balm
Crazy Rumors Mocha Lip Balm

Tea Flavour
Crazy Rumors Spiced Chai Lip Balm
Crazy Rumors Apple Spice Lip Balm
Crazy Rumors Orange Bergamot Lip Balm
Crazy Rumors Peppermint Lemongrass Lip Balm

Soda Pop 
Crazy Lip Balm Black Cherry Lip Balm
Crazy Rumors Cola Lip Balm
Crazy Rumors Rootbeer Lip Balm
Crazy Rumors Ginger Ale Lip Balm

Crazy Rumors Bee My Honey Lip Balm

Fuh, it's a lot! I bought mine in Crazy Rumors Spiced Chai Lip Balm as I really love "teh tarik with spice" ;) but sadly this smell more like buah pelaga or cardamom and it missed the "Chai" part, adoi. However, it does help with my dry lips. It goes on smoothly, not very heavy and feel very moisturising. Sometime I applied it before sleep and get up next morning with soft, lush lips that are no longer painful or peeling. If your lips need some TLC, this stuff will help. Plus, it cheapest 100% organic lip balm in the market! I give this lip balm an A+. 

You can buy this lip balm from The Love Jars [Free Shipping for order over RM70] or HiShop :)

Promotion Alert at HiShop:

Friday, January 10, 2014

Beauty Box for My Sis

Preparing this for my lil sis:
Hope she will love it. To much beauty stuff dah, time to do spring cleaning. 

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Sweets for My Sweet: Cheezylicious and Dessert Queen Cake Shop

     Adam makan bubur nasi+ikan bilis+kacang pis hari ni. To be honest, he doesn't like it. Semalam suap bubur pisang bukan main lagi dia makan. Bahaya ni, suka makan manis-manis. Adoi. 
     OK. Berhenti babbling. Sebenarnya Lin nak cakap pasal dessert. Sekarang ni business bakery merata-rata macam cendawan tumbuh lepas hujan, orang kata. Antara manisan yang top macam macaron, kek pelangi, velvet cake, pavlova and paling latest sekarang ni cheezy lava-type-of-cake. At first I was like, apa tu cheezy lava? Rupa-rupanya kek span biasa pastu bubuh cream cheese je. Ceh itu je. Tapi Lin beli juga. Azab nak buat sendiri time-time status tengah ibu beranak sepuluh ni. Hahaha. 
     When it comes to dessert, paling Lin suka mestilah pavlova. Masam manis, yummy! Kalau comel macam ni boleh habiskan 10 biji.
RM2++/piece at Cheezylicious
...and another signature from Cheezylicious, of course lah Cheezylicious bun yang banyak Cheese luar dalam. Sedap!
Oh, tadi baru je lepas makan ni:
Cheezy melt Oreo, Nutella and Pandan. Paling sedap Oreo! Each cost RM4. If you stay in Pasir Gudang, singgahlah dekat Dessert Queen Cake Shop [in front of Marrybrown Taman Air Biru, dekat dalam carwash]. Kedai baru, Lin pun baru tahu hari ni. 

P/S: Jemput makan.
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