Tuesday, December 17, 2013

This and that!

Obviously I’m super excited for this upcoming month. No, bukan pasal new year but the fact that my lil munchkin, Baby Adam will be 6 mo bulan depan. So another milestone will be achieve and of course starting next month he will start to consume solid food. 

Lin dah google for baby recipe, buy recipe books and all the essential that we will need. YES, I will cook and make my baby’s food from stratch. Yeah! 

As for that, I’m considering nak bagi Baby Adam organic food, but sadly there is none of kedai organic yang jual fruit or vege near my place (T_____T)” Paling dekat AEON Tebrau which sangat jauh. Luckily I’ve found this masa tengok-tengok baby product dekat Tesco:
Betul ke organic ni? With no presevative, added salt and sugar? IDK. Better do more research kan?

Adam kena heat rash!
Adam dah a bit chubby and he sweat A LOT! Just like his Abah. Kesian anak ibu as he develop heat rash dekat leher and belakang badan. So, Lin start sapu aloe vera gel, buka baju dia bila time tengah hari, mandikan dia 3x a day; Alhamdullillah, heat rash dia dah beransur kurang. 

Mini library. Cheked! Blender. Checked! Washer Machine. Checked! So now kumpul duit nak beli several things for house and Tab 3! Yes!

Nak pi daftar SSM and will launch my official blogshop next month.

I can’t stop eating. Boring then makan. Boring then makan. Which everytime pun boring, everytime pun makan.

Eat II.
I cook mushroom+chicken+egg soup for breakfast and nak masak spagheti for lunch. Currently masa update entry ini, my stomach just can’t stop growling. Aiyo, baru ja breakfast and sekarang baru pukul 9.30 pg.

Cute isn’t it? 

Bercucuk Tanam 
Plan nak tanam bawang, daun sup,  serai and cili cause this 4 benda yang perlu and me malas nk pi pasar banyak kali. Nak gunanya setangkai dua je. Better tanam sendiri.

Cancel nak detox as doktor kata masa BF tak boleh detox. As me plan nak BF Adam sampai 2 tahun, nampaknya duration target nak kurus macam zama-zaman athlete dulu secara sihat tu kena extend lebih sikit kot dengan current life yang sangat sedentary ni. So, tukar program. Lin nak menjuicing pula. HOHOHO. Ah apa? Yes, I'm an athlete dulu. Sila gelak

P/S: Ingat stay-at-home mommy tak busy and tak full or programme and project ke? pfft~ 



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