Thursday, December 12, 2013

Terfikir nak sambung study?

     Last night I have this dream. Dalam mimpi Lin sedang berdiskusi with my old friend [who I can’t clearly see his face] about studying together and in what course. We've decided nak ambik course PJJ UiTM, so we can simultaneously work and study of course.
     My friend ask me: Nak ambil course apa? And I replied back with: Law. Aku nak ambil Law. Then my friend tu tergelak-gelak and ask me again: Kenapa menyimpang sangat dengan previous course that you take? Sebelum Lin sempat jawab balik, he just can’t stop saying this word “IRONI.IRONI.IRONI.IRONI” over and over again hysterically. Then Lin terbangun. Serius, horror.
     It’s been a long time since my last dreams [Memang jenis suka mimpi as my brain jenis yang tak nak rest kot] Masa bangun Lin ask myself: LAW? watdehek aku nak ambil Law? and I giggled.
     Rasanya memang macam nak sambung study, tapi biarlah settle satu-satu dulu sebab sekarang ni Baby Adam prioriti nombor satu. But I do want and will further my study. Study bila-bila pun boleh kan. Even I have to wait until umur Lin 70 pun. I will.

P/S: Orang kata law are meant to be broken ;)


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