Sunday, December 1, 2013

Review: Tesco Online Shopping!

This is a VERY GOOD NEWS for you, SUPERMOM in JB area! Now, you can shop your groceries through online with Tesco ;) OK. Ini sangat seronok. As before this, I keep membebel why there is no online groceries shop in JB, in Pasir Gudang khususnya where I live in, obviously. Jealous betul dekat orang-orang area Klang Valley etc. Macam-macam service home delivery ada. But at last, thank god, with this new service in town of course it really help me a lot. Convenience; jimat masa, tenaga dan petrol.
     Hey. I already placed my order last week and dah dapat pun barangnya. Their service? One word: Superb. On time, semua barang OK, tak ada yang missed and if barang yang kita pesan out-of-stock diorang gantikan dengan yang lain. Macam mana kalau tak nak? Diorang tak kisah, boleh pulang on the spot. ngeh~
Nak shopping macam kita juga? Well, senang je. Register and then start shopping. As easy as A-B-C. Banyak betul barang-barang kat Tesco ni, kalau tengok satu-satu sampai esok pun tak place order lagi. So here’s my tip on shopping at Tesco online:
“Lin sarankan korang buat shopping list dulu apa nak beli then baru search and add to trolley. Tak payahlah gigih sangat nak tengok semua barang sekali. Jimat masa and duit dari beli apa yang tak patut”
About bayaran pula, Tesco tak terima cash due to security sort of issue. So, you have to use your card. Tak kisahlah credit or debit card. Lin pakai debit card Maybank pun OK.
Bukan itu je tau. Katakanlah korang ni memang busy bee setiap masa on the go mengalahkan isteri perdana menteri sangat, they do provide mobile version of Tesco E-shop. Hah Bedah, ko ingat Astro je ada on-the-go. Tesco pun hado. Klass~ and macam mana harga barang tu dekat Tesco, macam tulah harganya online.  
Cuma downsidenya, nak beli rak perabot ke, big electronic appliances, railing etc. still you have to datang Tesco sebab dia tak jual online. But overall, I just love it. Thanks Tesco! Last but not least, Lin nak kongsi *eVoucher code ni:
*Discount RM20 when you spend RM100 above.
Start Shopping? Click HERE.
To check wether your home area ada delivery ke tak, click HERE.
Got Question about Tesco online shopping? Click HERE.

OK, till then. Hope this so-called-info helps ;) Salam.


  1. wah..igtkan kat zalora jer leh online shopping..rupanya kat tesco pun boleh..hehehe


    1. thankz coz trust on us..

      Your personal shopper



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