Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Review: Skinmiso Pore Beauty Nose Pack brought to you by HiShop

Thanks to HiShop, again for this wonderful product. Yes, another best-seller Skinmiso. So, now let me introduce you to:
Product Info:
The blackhead and white head removal mask contains all sorts of plant extract (Patent 10-0820010) which will completely clear up your noise. This provides you moisture and soothes your skin rapidly with the extract of witch hazel. Skinmiso blackhead treatment program contorls oil strongly and keep your skin smooth.
Make your nose perfectly smooth and clean with the skinmiso pore beauty nose pack. Use the
3 step system for clearing and minimising pores and controlling oil effectively around your

1STEP Remove blackheads and whiteheads with its plant extracts.
2STEP Contract pores with its witch hazel extract and keep skin moisturising with its patented
3STEP Control sebum and gloss, absorb oil and keep your skin silky and dry.
Step 1
Wash your face and stick the 1st mask on your nose for 10 minutes
Warning: It's possible to feel a bit of sting and if you think it's a bit too much, you should shorten the time.
Step 2
After 10 minutes, remove the first mask and remove the leftover blackhead and whitehead using a cotton swab or comedo extractor.
Step 3
Wash your nose and put the second mask for another 10 minutes.
Step 4
Take off the 2nd mask and rub in the essence
Step 5
Apply the 3rd pore control essence on your nose.
Step 6
Price: RM68 [Step 1 (10 sheets), Step 2 (10 sheets) & Step 3 (15ml)] 

Product Link: CLICK HERE [Buy it at HiShop!]

Made in Korea

My Verdict:
This is my first time using this kind of pore pack. We often use the peel-off type, which you have to wet your nose first to allow the strip to adhere to your nose then after a few minutes you remove it, kan? Lepas tu, admit it yang you just can’t stop staring at those blackhead that stick on. Hah!
1st mask: Remove Blackhead and Whitehead
Mask ni smell like breath refreshener and have cooling effect which I like it. It doesn’s sting macam yang dia mention, so it depends on your skin I guess. After 10 minutes, I use swab first but my whitehead tak keluar pun so I use comedo exractor/remover to squeeze all the gunks out. I noticed that senang nak extract whitehead after use this mask than using comedo remover alone.Result? My nose area becomes cleaner than ever! 

2nd mask: Contract Pores
OK fine, I must admit this. It didn’t sting at first tapi bila apply 2nd mask. Adoi, boleh tahanlah pedihnya tapi tak adalah sampai pengsan kan. Pedih sekejap je pun. I don’t know how to describe it smell? Subtle floral kot? 2nd mask ni lebih sejuk dari 1st mask and even dia suggest to wear it for 10 minutes, Lin rasa kalau pakai lama sikit pun tak apa.

3rd essence: Control oil
Keep my nose free from oil sampai petang. After apply, rasa macam licin je hidung ni. Macam primer or makeup base pun ada juga.

Overall, I’m happy with the result even after 1 or 2 days whitehead still ada balik [Lin baru pakai 2x]. Apa-apa pun I’m glad that Skinmiso comes with this 3 step system. Pain free and easy to use :) As dalam kotak tu ada 10x 1st and 2nd mask, they suggest to use this product once a week for 10 weeks. Nampaknya kena pakai this product continuously and I hope after 10 mask, lansung tak ada dah whitehead; flawless boleh tak?ngeh. So, of course I will repurchased this. So girls, why wait? Get yours now HERE. ;)