Monday, December 2, 2013

Review: Skinmiso Javanese Lulur Rice Foam Cleansing brought to you by HiShop

It’s been almost a months right? Sorry for the late entry (+______+)” *ketok ketampi 100x*Apa-apa pun thanks HiShop for giving me this ;)
This time Lin berpeluang untuk review 2 produk dari brand Skinmiso which is Skinmiso Javanese Lulur Rice Foam Cleansing and Skinmiso Pore Beauty Nose Pack. In this entry Lin will talk about the cleanser first, OK?
Product Info:
JAVANESE LULUR RICE FOAM CLEANSING removes, even at a time, waste such as dense excess sebum in the pores, as well as sunscreen, makeup, and makes your skin clean and clear. The rice extract which were used in Javanese Imperial and other beneficial ingredients help to remove waste and dead skin cells, and provide moisture and nutrients.
Formulated with a patented Plus-10 [Greenol] which is a combination of Elastin and antioxidants, the Javanese Lulur Rice Foam Cleanser helps the skin fight against free radicals while ensuring that your pores are clean.

Dispense a small amount onto wet palms and lather before cleaning your face. Massage gently and rinse off thoroughly with lukewarm water. Pat dry the skin with a towel.

Price: RM55 for 130ml [Now with 15% OFF! RM46.75 at HiShop!]

Made in Korea

My Verdict:
Ada macam-macam facial cleanser in the market that contain rice in it. So what make this facial cleanser different from others? I’ve been using this for almost a month now so bolehlah Lin kongsi my experience kan? OK, physically it comes squeezy-tube type and look like this:
Don’t judge this cleanser by it’s normal, plain looks same as other cleanser! Surprisingly I use only a pea size of this to clean all over my face and neck. Jimat-jimat. Plus, it slightly denser, creamier, have unmistakeable emulsifying, foaming action and leave your skin softer, squeky clean without tightness of course and my face stay oil-free longer than before. This really WOWs me.
Honestly at first kan, rasa macam doubtful jugalah nak guna cleanser ni. Takut tiba-tiba dapat jerawat kecil-kecil which normally will happen when I use different cleanser, but guess what? No rash or pimple or no irritation; another reason why you should try one too.
Last but not least, now my skin look fresh and vibrant. So I guess thanks to it Plus-10 [Greenol] properties which is a combination of Elastin and antioxidants which help detoxify our skin juga. I love it and personally recommend this to you ;)
Rating: 4.5/5