Monday, December 9, 2013

Review: Nail it! Nail strips and Nail Polish by bloop

Hi girl, here I am again. This time I would like to thank Wonderbox for giving me a chance to try this new nail range from bloop :) 
Actually Lin dapat 2 nail strips and 1 nail polish, the extra nail strips I get from Wonderbox October edition which you can read my entry HERE. OK, for the start sebenarnya I’m not a fan of manicure or pedicure stuff ni as for certain reason. So, this will be my 1st review on this kind of product. 

nail it! with bloop nail strip
Product Details

  • No Drying Time
  • Super Thin
  • Fast & Easy to use
  • Made with environmental-friendly materials
  • Allows air to penetrate through nails
  • Lasts 5-7 days

Price: RM12.90 [Get 3 strips for only RM38 and get free mini nail fail HERE @ HiShop]

How to use it?
1. Make sure nails are clean before using nail it! Use bloop nail polish remover for effective cleaning.
2. Choose the best strips size for each nail.
3. Remove the transparent protective layer.
4. Align and place nail strip on to the nail. (Note: the rounded ends should be facing the cuticle)
5. Rub strip over the nail starting from the centre working it out towards the sides.
6. Press the excess nail strips across the edges of the finger nails.
7. Using a nail file, file off the excess strip in a downward motion.
8. Rub striped nails again to move any excess bubbles.
9. For a longer lasting wear, apply a layer of bloop top coat nail polish.

How to get it out?
1. Remove top coat with polish remover.
2. Dip nails into warm water for 5-10 minutes. Peel of nail strips.
3. Remove any excess with bloop nail polish remover.

bloop nail polish sandy [010]
Price: RM9.90

Where to buy?
At any Bloop Counters such as:
Klang Valley
Wisma Haniffa KL
Parkson, KL Festival City Mall
Sunway Pyramid, LG1.65 (LG Floor, Old Wing)...
The Store, Pacific Hypermarket Mentakab
Genting Highland First World Plaza, LOT F/L 2A.33 (Level T2A)
Sunshine Square, First Floor, Bayan Baru
GAMA, Georgetown
Parkson, Gurney Plaza
Kota Bharu
Parkson, KB Mall
Parkson, Ipoh Parade


You can simlpy get it HERE at HiShop ;)

My Verdict:
Different design: Metallic, Polka dots, Lace, Leopard and Jewels. Ada yang transparent juga so you can use your favourite nail polish as the base. Kalau awak perasan, one strip ada 12 sticker kan. So, senanglah nak pilih best nail strip size for y’all ;) 
At first Lin ingatkan susah sangatlah nak pakai nail strips ni kan. Surprisingly, punyalah senang nak guna. Lin gunting to small pieces macam ni, and just put it on my nails:
OK, here's the outcome:
Sorry for the camera quality and as my nail tu pendek, you can only see red and white stripes and warna biru dah hilang on my index and middle finger. I guess I better stick to non-stripes. ngeh~
1. Jewel+transparent. Tak guna nail polish pun cantik juga.
2. Stripes
3. Stripes with jewels.
4 and 5, try to guess which one is nail polish and nail strips? Guess what. No.4 tu nail bloop nail polish sandy in 101 and no. 5 Lin guna nail strips. 

     Hahaha. I guess after this better stick to this nail strip. Senang guna, foolproof. I will reconsider buying nail polish from bloop, of course sebab tak messy sangat, last longer, vibrant color and cepat kering ;) So, girls why wait? Beli je then boleh kongsi-kongsi with your besties during pyjama party ke pillow talk ke. Oh, how I miss those days.