Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Banyak belanja, tapi rasa berbaloi.

Gambar sekadar hiasan
Kami beli barang besar this month; TV with Astro, washer machine. And currently still ada satu lagi on the list: Tablet.

     At first, ikut plan nak beli washer machine je dulu as we don’t think we need TV that much, not until FIFA world cup. Adam still baby, me glued to my lappy 24/7 and my hubby lebih suka spend his time tidur and play with his son. But as my mom-in-law datang with company to visit us and I don’t want my 7 yo adik ipar bosan dekat rumah, so by hook or by crook kena juga ada TV. Kami beli dekat Courts, Sony Bravia 32" for RM840. Plus Astro subscribtion RM50. Total RM890. How cheap is that? 

Hari ni diorang dah balik, so I guess TV tu cuma hiasan je kot dekat rumah ni. Hahaha.

     Now, tengah tunggu Sengheng deliver my washer machine which I buy it online for RM519 after Subuh tadi. Yup, as cheap as that. Jenama Toshiba, 6.5kg and fully auto. Thank god, Alhamdulillah. No need to ulang alik my mom’s house dah lepas ni.

Tablet. Still can't decide which one to buy lorh. Asus Fonepad or Samsung Galaxy Tab 3? Or better don't spent too much? *buat muka sedih sambil tengok my Nokia 1280* My boss, my customer, my friends even my sibling keep asking me ada Whatapp tak? Ada instagram tak? I was like pfft~ Why? You don't have money to gimme normal message and upload those pic to FB ek?  

Currently tangan kanan tengah update this entry, tangan kiri tengah buai baby Adam, sambil tahan sakit kepala and sakit gigi. Terasa hebat sungguh diri ini.


  1. Murahnya TV + Astro. Cash ke? Saya tak pernah beli di Courts. Huhu.

    1. Courts kalau beli cash memang murah. Kena alert la promotion dia.

    2. Ingatkan Courts ni cuma bayar bulanan je. Huhu.



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