Friday, October 25, 2013

Small Talk on Adam's Routine

     Curi masa untuk blog. Well, just got back from a long journey; Pasir Gudang-KL-Ipoh-Pasir Gudang. Penat (+______+)" Baju belum kering lagi, baju Baby Adam belum lipat, paper quiz student belum buat as esok dah ada kelas and the list to do go on with no ending. fuh~ I guess I need a REAL vacation, which STILL, I have to wait sampai Baby Adam at least 2 yo, kan? Planning nak pergi Bali for our next anniversary. Itu pun kalau dapat cuti, kalau tak, Honeymoon dekat Legoland sajork la nampaknya.
     I don't talk much on being a new mom, my baby boy etc. I guess I really need to blog more about that in order to increase my sanity, so kurang meroyan sket. ngeh. Back to tajuk: Adam's routine. I'm not good with words, so roughly Lin buat schedule table terus [without table of course cause I don't know how to do table HTML and to lazy to google]

0630 - Bangun, menyusu and play until 0730 and continue tidur untill...
0900 - If Adam tak bangun lagi, I will wake him up, menyusu, mandi and play.
1130 - Sleep until 1300, menyusu and play and continue sleeping until 1430, menyusu, play and continue sleeping until...
1630 - Wake up, mandi and get ready to main dekat playground and temankan ibu [merujuk kepada saya] dinner dekat luar as ibu sangat malas nak masak everyday.
1830 - Balik and main and mengaji.
2000,2200,0000,0200,0400 -Menyusu and tidur.

Adam ni quite penangis,grumpy and fussy waktu siang, just like his mum I guess [merujuk kepada saya lagi]. Tak nak main on floor, dalam rocker, buai pun tak nak. Dia cuma nak his mum hold dia 24/7, literally. Kalau tak, he will scream tak ingat dunia then bila kita hold balik, automatic dia diam and smile with his handsome 2 dimples like nothing happen. Every time. Bijak-bijak. pfft~ bila time dia nangis rasa macam nak gigit kaki comel dia. His voice? SUPER NYARING. I already record his crying voice and save it for him for keepsake. Nanti dia besar I will put on those record untuk Adam dengar. Baru dia tahu betapa annoying nya suara dia nangis, and how his mom cope with it.
     Itu yang negatif la, yang positif pulak waktu malam dia cuma bangun every 2 hours for milk and continue sleeping just like that sambil senyum-senyum and sometime laughing masa tidur which scare me a bit. Tak perlu nak acah-acah, pujuk supaya tidur macam waktu siang. Great kan? Ibu cukup tidur.
      Alhamdulillah, Adam dah almost 4 months. So many thing happen, up and down yang we go through. Last but not least, I'm so thankful on chances on jadi ibu for this lovely Adam. I promise I will take care of you till the end of my life, InsyaAllah. That's all and expect more about Baby Adam after this ;)

So, new mom? How you lift up your sanity?