Thursday, October 17, 2013

now I have new #obsession

Asal gaji je mesti nak beli baby stuff, asal gaji je mesti nak beli baby stuff *redundant* What did you do with your duit gaji every month ek mommy-mummy sekalian? First of all,of course, Alhamdulillah for rezeki yang tuhan berikan. Then after deduct house bills, electricity and water [which sometime I don't have to pay as I we don't use much], phone bill, food and petrol budget,then bakinya mesti I buy Adam's stuff. Buktinya sekarang barang Adam lagi banyak dari barang ibu dia dekat rumah ni. Tak pasti ni rumah or tadika.
     Last three months, of course Adam baru lahir and I buy a lot of baby's thing dari napkin sampailah ke bedding semua, you name it. Lin beli breast pump as I plan nak BF Adam until 2 yo. 2nd month, I buy stroller, carrier, sling and rocker including toys for Adam. Sebab me; mom always on the go, I guess I really need buy those stuff even though till now Lin still struggling and learning how to use baby sling yang bergaya tu. Oh, tak cukup budget lagi nak beli car seat for Baby Adam as we don't travel by car much. This month, 3rd month, I buy clothes for Adam; a lot including booties mittens. Itu barang besar-besar, yang kecil-kecil macam pampers, liquid detergent for babies, organic free SLS bla bla bla special body and hair shampoo, oil, bedak for Adam etc.tu tak kira lagi.
     I guess, buying all this good stuff for Baby Adam make me feel better. Kalau dulu, buying stuff for me make me happy but now I just don't care much. I don't care if I use same color tudung and clothes over and over again, don't care if my cosmetic habis. OK fine, I always want to buy my makeup but bila keluar nak beli barang, I end up with buying more and more Adam's stuff then terlupa nak beli barang sendiri. Every mother want yang terbaik for their child kan? OK. Esok nak beli air purifier for Adam, then playhouse then evamatic mat and play gym for Adam.
     O dem. I should start saving for Adam future. OK, next gaji nak bawa Adam dengan tabung pergi BSN and Maybank buka account and plan some financial planning for Baby Adam. 

Do you know how much I love you dear?This <--world--->


  1. mek bila ko ada anak nie???asal aku x tahu???why??why???tacing ngan muka sedih :'(



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