Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Wonderbox: Ways to Earn Wonderpoints!

Tiba-tiba nak post what I like most about Wonderbox sebab check Wonderbox points ada 775. Thats mean lagi 25 points left to achieve 800 points! Kenapa 800? Read my whole short entry bout this ;)
What I like most about Wonderbox? Sebab Wonderbox ada WONDER POINTS [WP] program as you can earn Wonder points and redeem 1 months subscription of Wonderbox for only 800 points! Well currently, Lin dah redeem 3 free monthly subscription with my points ;) Other than that, kalau tak nak redeem monthly box subscription pun tak apa, as you can redeem macam-macam produk kosmetik dan kecantikan dekat website Wonderbox.

5 Cara untuk dapatkan Wonderpoint!

  • Refer a friend and get 200WP
  • Make a Video+Share and get 150 WP
  • Blog about your experience and get 100WP
  • Share your photos on FB and get 50 WP
  • Complete product survey and get up to 100WP 
  • Wonderspree; share your beauty purchase and get 100 WP [INFO]
  • Blog about Beauty Product Review and get 500WP! [INFO]
Easy as 1-2-3 kan? For this August 2013 Wonderbox, Lin dah buat semua yang dekat atas ni well except video. I guess this weekend nak pinjam kamera my sis, so I can get extra 150 WP so bolehlah redeem next month punya Wonderbox! Yippee!

My Previous Entry on Wonderbox:
Want to get your hands on Wonderbox Sept and get high-end stuff and sample right to your doorstep macam Lin? Click HERE.
For more info on Wonderbox, go to their website and follow them on Facebook!
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