Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Lin dapat surprise dari!
Guess apa yang ada kat dalam?
Yadah - Started Kit [Vitamin Range] Best selling Vitamin range by Yadah enriched with organic Opuntia Ficus to soothe and hydrate the skin.
So, jom tengok apa kat dalam kit ni:
2x Vitamin Emulsion [trial size]
2x Vitamin Toner [trial size]
BB Cream SPF 20 PA++ [trial size]
Sun Cream SPF 40 PA++ [trial size]
Special Care Line Cleansing Nose Strip [1 pcs]
Special Care Line Brightening Mask Pack [1 pcs]
2x Brightening Ampouler [trial size]
* For more product info you can click HERE, it cost RM50 but you can get it for only RM29 from Hermo! Why wait? Offer ni cuma untuk limited time. Sekarang ni tinggal sehari untuk grab this offer ^_^
Selain tu Hermo pun ada jual barang-barang macam Holika, Naruko, Nature Republic, Yadah [of course!], Skin food etc dengan harga yang jauh lebih murah dari jual dekat kedai. Kenapa murah? Tak ori ke? Don't worry semua barang original sebab Hermo beli terus beli dari supplier and manufacturer, minus cost retailer etc. so kita dapat harga yang lebih murah, lebih jimat. Best kan?
About Hermo
Hermo is a group buying website where periodically, we promote a few ten types of discounted items for sale and we aim to attract massive quantities of order.
Hermo serves as like a platform between all individual ladies and distributors/ oversea brand suppliers. There is no redemption required and we will post your purchase to you without charging postage fee during this promotion period.
We believe beauty can be easier and attained affordably. Let’s enjoy being beautiful – with a well managed provider, financially.
Everyone can now be beautiful, at least more self-confident!
The power of Group Buying
Hermo established in 2011 and believe that the power of tremendous group is infinite, so we are here to introduce a whole new concept of group online buying.
Hermo is responsible to get the hot deals from the suppliers and distributors in Malaysia and promote to the ladies out there. Therefore, we actually save up the cost from bearing the shop rental for the retailers and enjoy the discounts given by the large quantity orders. As mentioned, those hot deals are periodical so grab them now if you don't wanna to miss the discounts !
We introduces hot and good quality of cosmetic, skin care, and beauty products to all the people especially to the females out there where they can now enjoy the best product with best value periodically. We would like them to enjoy online group shopping and beautify themselves at the same time. 
Stay tune for Hot Deals !!! 
14 days Refundable Unconditionally Policy
The trend of online shopping is growing rapidly where we can easily browse and buy products that interest us, thus, this is why we are keen to establish Hermo. Besides, Hermo is an ideal platform that eases the shopping instinct of everyone and serves customer in right ways and we believe that customer is always right, which is why we only sell genuine products and in additional, we provide an unconditional return and refund policy within 14 days as our after sales service to gain customer’s trust and confidence.
We believe in:
 1)    The simplicity of product choosing - with the help of our female editors who pay attention to skincare everyday, they will introduce the best suited products for the customers. 
2)    Trustworthiness - we insist on 14 days unconditional refund policy, just to let you enjoy risk-free online shopping experience.
3)    Freedom of the internet - the significance of our consumer's trust. Togetherness and beautifulness are our vision and it is just as simple as that.

Hermo Website:

About Yadah
YADAH is a specially formulated skincare designed for teenagers and young adults as this particular age range have younger and more tender skin which makes them more vulnerable to the harsh chemical found in many other brands.  As YADAH products are very gentle, they are suitable for all ages and all skin types.

YADAH products are 100% free from Artificial colouring, Mineral oil, Sulphate and Animal materials. 

YADAH products are based on natural plant extracts like essential oils and formulated to be hypoallergenic, non-comodogenic & natural ingredients with strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.   Ingredients used are plant extracts - a mixture of natural, organic & some with ECOCERT authentication.
  • Gentle yet effective and are suitable for all skin types.  
  • Certified by Korea Food and Drug Administrations.
  • Natural, Organic & some ECOCERT authenticated ingredients are used
  • Good quality, unique design and best priced.
Can't wait to try Yadah's product! ^_^


Puteri Panda said...

so cute! teringin nak cuba YADAH Bubble Cleanser.:)

Syuhada Salleh said...

mcm best je trial set nie..