Thursday, May 30, 2013

Review: Mood Magic Hand Therapy by Nutox

Quick Review on Mood Magic Hand Therapy by Nutox
From left: Crave, Poise, Bliss and Alive
I've seen Mood Magic EDP since the end of year 2010 dekat mana-mana Watson/Guardian. Love it, but I didn't get a chance to buy it. *due to budget and perfume lain yang berlambak-lambak tak habis-habis. Info: It cost RM39.90 each. Then last Sunday, we went to Watson at Tesco Seri Alam. Macam biasalah beli supplement yang dah kontang, terpandang pula Mood Magic Hand Therapy by Nutox ni. Guess how much it cost me for this 20g tube? RM1 each! So apa lagi, Lin beli la keempat-empat sekali. Bekas pun kecik, senang nak bubuh dalam poket beg.

Product Info:
Magic Potion
FRAGRANCE is now more than just a scent. It’s a “potion emotion”, claims Nutox. Its new Mood Magic is touted to be your mood in a bottle. Experts discovered that the right mix of essential oils can produce scents that trigger mood changes and promote general wellbeing in women. That being the reason behind the creation of Mood Magic, the scent is fresh and energising, with hints of peppy-mint to invigorate and boost energy; ylang lavendie to relax and stimulate; vanilla choc to curb the cravings; and jasmine innovi said to evoke feelings of oneness with self and nature. [source: Vanity Fare]

My Verdict:
Bau keempat-empat Hand cream ni soft and tak berminyak. Tak menyebabkan allergy [as kulit Lin sensitif to certain lotion] and kulit tangan terasa lembut. Too bad, scent dia cuma last for the first 15 minute, but it does help to moisturise your skin all day. Well except, kalau lepas basuh tangan etc. Best scent? Tentulah CRAVE ;)

Try it for yourself.


shu said...

rm1 je? brbaloi2 ni..haruslah p terjah blik nnt..