Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Result: Gamila Cleansing Bar 28 Days Challenge

Boleh rujuk ENTRI sebelum ni untuk info produk: Gamila Cleansing Bar 28 Days Challenge
After 28 days without routine toner and moisturiser, so here it is. Lin dah habis guna cleansing bar ni. So, here is my result:
My concern:
Kulit Lin tak bermasalah sangat, I guess. Well except on certain time of those months; jerawat kecil-kecil timbul and leaving scar here and there especially on my forehead, dry patch dekat area tepi hidung and whitehead problem yang tak tahulah macam mana nak solve.
So, I hope at the end of this challenge, Gamila cleansing bar ni dapatlah membantu dengan problem-problem yang Lin stated above (^______^)”
My Verdict:
Berkesan tak? Gamila Secret claim yang cleansing bar ni help to cleanses, soothes, restores & prevents irritations. 
Cleanse: Tak juga. Still can't get rid of my not-so-heavy-makeup
Soothes: Sebelum guna Gamila Secret ni kulit Lin ada jerawat kecil, a weeks after jerawat tumbuh lagi banyak (+______+)" Lin teruskan juga pakai, then after a week or so semua jerawat mengecut and poof! hilang macam magic. Leave my skin feel soft, tapi tak adalah macam baby kan.
Restores: Certain orang cakap guna Gamila ni macam proses detox kulit kan, yelah sebab Gamila Secret Cleansing Bar ni kan organic and free from chemical. Lin rasa kuli Lin dah OK. After pakai Gamila Secret Cleansing Bar ni kulit Lin lagi OK :) Lembap sepanjang hari, and Lin perasan minyak kat muka pun kurang.
Prevent Irritation: Absolutely right!
Overall, tak adalah drastik sangat perubahannya but what I love most about Gamila Secret Cleansing Bar, it does help with allergy and eczema. Kebelakangan ni, mungkin due to perubahan hormon (+______+)" Lin jadi sangat sensitif dengan sabun. Kulit jadi kering even pakai sabun baby. So, Lin guna Gamila Secret Cleansing Bar all over my body instead. Guess what? It really helps! Tak ada allergy pun, eczema pun dah reduce. 
Repurchase? Maybe yes, maybe no. Yes sebab bagus untuk orang yang kulit sensitif, No sebab harga dia mahal (T_____T)" So if you don't mind spend more on your sabun. Cuba try Gamila Secret Cleasing Bar. Till then ^_^

Boleh rujuk ENTRI sebelum ni untuk info produk: Gamila Cleansing Bar 28 Days Challenge


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