Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Unboxing Tea Party Invitation by The Butterfly Project collaboration with Bag of Love and Delectable by Su

     As stated on above picture, there will be the Unboxing Tea Party by The Butterfly Project dengan usahasama Bag of Love and Delectable by Su. So dengan itu, Bag of Love is giving out 50 Bag of Love April edition to 50 lucky bloggers and 30 bloggers will get the chance to attend the event above.
Bag of Love debut bag
Don't you just love it? I can even imagine checking out this new beauty stuff while in the other hand eating a delicious cupcake there and of course mingle around, get to know other blogger. But too bad, I may not join the party as I live in JB *cry* So harap-harap dapat jadi selected bloggers. At least, I get the chance to review Bag of Love (^_____^) and share the thought with y'all.

Nak join sekali and share my excitement? For more info, click HERE.

Terms & Conditions:
1. Open to all Malaysian Beauty & Lifestyle Bloggers
2. Registration begins today until 21st April, 2013 11.59pm
3. Fifty (50) bloggers from Malaysia will be selected to review Bag of Love's April Edition.
4. Out of the fifty bloggers, thirty (30) will receive exclusive invitations to the Unboxing Tea Party held at Delectable Su, Paradigm Mall on 27th April, 2013 at 11am (session 1) or 2pm (session 2).
5. Bloggers will need to submit a blog post on why they would like to review and/or come to the Bag of Love, Unboxing Tea Party at Delectable Su. Feel free to be creative but do link back to The Butterfly Project's Fanpage.
6. Incomplete entries will be deemed void. E.g missing blog post link.


nor laila said...

singgah sini..as salam..salam kenal..follow me back ok..

Tammy Miu said...

thanks for blogging about this Suz!!

Sabrina said...

You're a pharmacist? I'm graduating to be a pharmacist this semester :D

Good luck!

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#ciksuzlin said...

Welcome dear ^_^

#ciksuzlin said...

Wow. Good luck to you too ^_^