Thursday, April 25, 2013

Review: SimplySiti Bejeweled Lip Colour - Ruby

Lin dapat SimplySiti Bejeweled Lip Colour - Ruby ni dalam HiShop Beauty Starter Kit semalam ^_^. So I've decided to try it today. 

Product Info: 
Simply Siti’s Bejeweled Lip Colour is superiorly soft and smooth feeling like crayon with gel base. Intense color with just one application, it is also light weight and sits comfortably on your lips. Semi-matte look with moisturizer and extra color adhesion on the lips with high performance polymer film coat technology. It’s enriched with vitamin E and Jojoba oil which moisturizes the lips. Amino acid from nature to make the lips healthy. Protect your lips from UVA and UVB rays with SPF 15. Bringing your lips a natural beautiful and healthy look.
RM37.90 [and you can get it from HiShop together with other SimplySiti product]
Made in Thailand
     This is my first time using red lipstick as Lin prefer pakai lip balm/stain/tint instead. For me, kalau pakai lipstick warna merah garang ni macam "makcik-makcik" and Lin rasa orang uang kulit cerah boleh la pakai kot. Hahaha. But I would love to do some experiment with it and be bold, at least today. Before that I goggled some article bout "How to wear Red Lipstick" on Wikihow. So that's it, I'm wearing it today! Tak tahulah sesuai ke tak, tapi memang mengundang pertanyaan dan curiosity orang ramai (+_____+)" I think I over do it but tak ada pun orang cakap tak OK <--sedapkan hati sendiri.
     Well berbalik pada SimplySiti Bejeweled Lip Colour ni, it comes with color range: Bejewel Ruby and Bejeweled Sapphire and Lin dapat yang Bejewel Ruby.
Ni gambar after apply. I don't wear much makeup today. Semua nak pakai takut nanti nampak trashy pula kan. HAAHA. So girls, how? OK ke? Cuba komen sikit.
My verdict:
Sangat smooth time apply. Moisturise? Tak pasti sebab Lin duduk depan kipas 24/7, jadi bibir macam kering sikit. Lagipun sekarang ni musim panas membara kan dekat Johor. Tapi tak ada lah bibir kering sangat-sangat sampai terkelopek, just OK je. Warna dia transferable, Lin touch up 1 layer after breakfast but kalau tak makan or else it does last for more than 4 hours! Jadi kesimpulannya, I would love to try this lipstick again, tapi different warna lah. Kalau Lin nak pakai juga, maybe Lin pakai time keluar malam kot. Tak obvious sangat kan? 
     Lastly, kalau korang nak beli or saja-saja nak browsing product makeup, bolehlah beli kat SINI. OK? Till then, bye love ^_^.

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