Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Quick Update: HAUL + Postcrossing

Maybelline Clear Smooth Shine free Clear Stick, RM22.41
SilkyGilr Pure smooth Pressed Powder, RM9.90
Biore Pore Pack, RM11.50
Total RM43.80
Akibat stress kerana dah tak dapat BB1M, gigih juga nak beli buku untuk dibaca. Nasib baik tengah sale kan:
The Secret Life of Husbands by Kirsty Crawford, RM49.90 RM6.90
Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, RM39.95 RM8.90
Total RM15.80 [Dah jimat RM74.05 disitu]
Boleh baca review buku-buku yang Lin beli dekat Goodreads.
Banyak dapat poskad baru. Dekat mana nak beli poskad lagi ek?

Tak sabar nak tengok Hannibal malam ni~


  1. Why not try wat handmade postcard? Ramai je postcrossers yang wat. Paling senang nak cari kat KL Sentral tapi mahal sket la (RM1.20 per pc)

    1. boleh buat homemade postcard ek? kite xtau (^_______^)"

      thanks for the info!

    2. yup boleh. but kadang2 ade postcrossers yang tak suka bila dpt handmade punya. so better baca profile orang tue dulu

  2. nak share blogshop yg jual poskad
    i blom try beli sini agi

    1. Wa~ TQ2 (^______^) mmg tgh cr poskad ni.

  3. wah bestnya dapat banyak poskad...saya pun join postcrossing nih...kalau tak silap, kat pasar seni KL ada jual poskad ;)



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