Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Malaysia: My Wonderland

Samsung Galaxy Wonderland| My wonderland
samsung galaxy wonderland    
 Dah tengok Samsung Galaxy Wonderland dekat Astro Ria last week? (^______^) Korang submit tak idea korang dekat ---> SINI? Apa belum lagi? Alah, macam mana nak kongsi idea sama-sama. Huhuhu. Tak apalah, meh Lin kongsi idea Lin dulu :)
What Makes Malaysia a Wonderland? by Suzlin
     Kalau kita EXPLORE dekat site Galaxy Wonderland, kita boleh baca macam-macam submission tentang Malaysia by Malaysian. Ada yang kata Malaysia is their wonderland sebab ada air bandung, ada tapir, ada burung kenyalang, turtle, wau, KLCC and other 1001 unique things about Malaysia. Don't you guys just love Malaysia? Macam tagline dekat Astro dulu, "Macam-Macam Ada" :) Food, Place of Interest, different kaum, budaya, agama, perayaan, historical place and other place of interest etc. That makes Malaysia is the best place to stay.
     I do have my own reason too :) So here it is, my submission for Galaxy Wonderland:
Screenshot from my submission on Galaxy Wonderland
"Malaysia is my wonderland because my family live here"
Yup, with all 1001 reason why we love Malaysia so much we must not forget what is the most important part of being here; be with our family. Even if we go abroad or outstation for some reason macam study, business etc. Ask yourself : selain your mom's cooking, your father money *batuk-batuk*, have a fight with your sibling, your lazy laid back life taken care of by your mom; apa yang paling awak rindu?admit it, of course you miss your family kan? kan? So, Malaysia is my wonderland sebab my family stay and live here :)
     Now you know mine. Jom share your thoughts pula, tak sabar Lin nak tahu. Submit dekat Galaxy Wonderland sekarang and stand a chance to be 5 lucky winner to win brand new Samsung Galaxy Note II. And don't forget to watch Galazy Wonderland on Astro Ria channel 104 every Saturday at 6.30 pm. Jom tengok Yuna's journey throughout Malaysia in search of inspiration for er next music video as Yuna will be visiting different locales around the country, she will experience the suggested Wonderlands of the Malaysian people. It may be a food, a place or even a national hero. Till then, XOXO :)


Razil Tahir said...

Malaysia is my wonderland sebab ada saya.
thank you...

boleh takk? hahahahah