Wednesday, January 9, 2013


   OK. Sejak bergelar penganggur ni hidup sangat errr..bosan? It's like I don't have any direction or hala tuju, don't know what to do, where to start, tak sihat, tak ada selera makan and berat dramatically turun 9kg etc. macam orang depression for the last 1 and a half month. I do hang out with my friends, jalan-jalan a bit, memancing and of course majority of my time I can't help myself from sleeping all day long and being crabby.         
    OK, my mistake my fault. Of course, I can do something well at least for me kan, something productive. Tapi entahlah, as I said earlier, terasa macam depress macam ada something yang hilang, or maybe cuti ni tak macam as I expected. Talking bout something that I expect, kalau ikut plan; rasa macam nak rehat setahun. Bila cakap pasal rehat, I really mean it. How I miss my old life in Ipoh like hell, well, minus the student life la. Penuh ketenangan like real ketenangan, privacy, tak perlu rushing, cuaca tak panas, no expectation etc, which the main thing is I can be alone all by myself, anytime anywhere I want.
   OK. Alhamdulillah, at least for the last 3 days I feel much better; minus dengan allergy penuh satu badan tak boleh makan ubat tahan gatal or anti histamine due to my condition sekarang ni so kena tahan je la duduk dpn kipas, tekak yang sentiasa nak muntah, perut yang sentiasa lapar. 
Hey at least I still dapat ketenangan tu kan?