Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Postcrossing Update!

Kalau korang tak tahu Postcrossing tu apa, boleh rujuk entri di [SINI]
My first postcard from Taiwan!
Currently 3 of my postcards dah sampai kat member yang lain
[USA, Germany and Ukraine]
So tinggal lagi dua postcard tak sampai lagi, to Poland and Rusia.
OK, nak start sendinf another postcard lagi. Tapi mana nak cari postcard lagi kat Ipoh ni?
Tak pernah jumpa pun. Huhuhu.


  1. bestnya dapat poskad dari lua. hehe.

  2. Replies
    1. Boleh baca kat sini:

  3. dah terjoin postcrossing. after bace kat ur blog. hehe
    baru je nak send my first 5 postcards. tapi ssh btol nk cari poskad kat sini. nyesal plak tak beli dulu time terjumpa

    1. Itulah pasal. Saya pun problem. Rugi tak beli kad banyak2 hari tu.



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