Sunday, November 4, 2012

Lippy Girl Organic Mineral Blush & Lipstick Review

     Remember my blog entry on how dangerous substances or certain chemical in makeup/skincare which may harm your body? [click HERE and HERE]. Good news! Now there's an alternative to it: ORGANIC MAKEUP by lippygirl. I've been using lippygirl Mineral Blush [in Wall Flower] and lippygirl Lipstick [in Nudist] every now and then since I get it together with my September BBF Beauty Box Subscription. So now, I would like to share my thought.
Lippy Girl
About lippygirl Makeup
lippygirl Makeup has the primary goal of producing professional quality cosmetics. The cosmetics with the lippygirl label are eco friendly, natural, organic, vegetarian and animal friendly. Neither our products nor ingredients are tested on animals, and our ingredients are natural, organic, vegetarian and will never contain chemical preservatives.

lippygirl Organic Mineral Blusher- Wall Flower
Lippy Girl
Lippy Girl
Lippy Girl
Lippy Girl
Product Description:
Our organic mineral blushes are baked not fried and have 0 calories per serving. These precious minerals are guaranteed to make you blush! (ok enough puns... or is it?) Let these sheer beauties give your face a natural glow and flush of color. There are 5 blush shades to choose from to cover your moods from vivacious to angelic. 
Retail Price: CAD16.50 / MYR 50.58
  • Satin-finish.
  • Can last up to 4 hours.
  • Easy to blend with your skin.
  • Natural look.

  • Subtle sheer color, need to built it up twice.
  • Not available in Malaysia; you have to buy it online. [Canadian Product]

My Verdict: I love how it give sweet and fresh look to my complexion. I even use it as eyeshadow. It doesn't cause any rash or irritation which is another reason why you have to try one. Would love to try all those colors! Too bad it's only available in Canada [the main point is, not available in Malaysia]. But still, you can buy it online. 
Rating: 4.5/5

lippygirl Organic Lipstick- Nudist
Lippy Girl
Lippy Girl
Lippy Girl
Product Description:
Our orgasmic, oops, organic lipsticks have herbal infusions in colours that will make you look and feel fab! Our lipsticks are smooth and moisturizing with a gloss finish.  They will leave your lips feeling soft and sassy.
Retail Price: CAD15.50 / MYR 47.51
  • Highly Pigmented and vibrant color.
  • Smooth and creamy, glide on the lips.
  • Shimmer-free
  • Moisturise your lips with the ingredient [organic beeswax, as well as natural oils from organic jojoba, grape and castor seed]
  • Lightly weight.
  • Taste-free
  • Need to reapply after an hour due to hot climate in Malaysia.
  • Smudge.
My Verdict: Chapped lips be gone! Yup, you heard me right. I don't use much lipstick nowaday as it tend to crack my lips no matter how moisturise it claims to be, but surprisingly there is no chapped and cracked lips when using this product. It seems like my lips condition improved since last month. I don't mind reapplying my lippygirl Organic Lipstick all over again! Wish to try all 7 colors.
Rating: 3.7/5

OVERALL: Must-HAVE product! For more info about lippygirl you can find it [HERE]


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The products look nice! :D Perhaps you could show some swatches of the item on the skin too? ^^ Then we can see what the colour looks like. :)

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