Saturday, November 3, 2012

Hideaway from Capitalism.

My Dream Home, Rumah Impian Saya
*pelik betul hidup
normal is;
pakai baju yg awak beli untuk pergi kerja
go through traffic pakai kereta yang tak habis bayar,
in order to bekerja to get your money;
untuk bayar baju and kereta we mention earlier dan juga;
kerja untuk bayar duit rumah
kerja untuk ada rumah which we want and need to pay
rumah yang ditinggalkan kosong sepanjang hari; untuk kerja.

saya nak goyang kaki, benda semua datang bergolek boleh?

nak kawen dengan orang kaya.

[*sorry Cikgu Norafidah, cikgu BM saya]

This is my final month doing my internship here and there and bergelumang dengan study-related yada yada. To cut it short, I just can't wait to masuk alam perkerjaan and kumpul duit pay all hutang, start saving and build a house [yes, you read it right: BUILD!] Work until I have enough money; just enough money.
     Pagi tadi, I dream the same dream two months ago~ and extended. I dream I have a small and cozy house, nice kitchen etc. I dream of being farmer. I dream of being a baker. I dream of selling bakery stuff using my dad "sales counter". Then I woke up, tiba-tiba jadi terlampau excited and berkobar-kobar this morning asking my dad how much it cost to build a house, which kind of house is more cheaper; wood or rumah batu?, how much rumah nenek cost? and write down all the thing I have to do within this 5-7 years. I bet my dad mesti confuse tiba-tibe his daughter asking this and that pagi-pagi morning. HAHAHA.

I have this vision.



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