Sunday, November 11, 2012

Babbling Sunday

I will have my final exam starting on this 26th sampai 30th. Like seriously, the last exam before I change my status from so-called intern or student or trainee or kuli whatsoever to---> oh well, penganggur, obviously. I don't wanna to talk about exam just yet, as talking about it make me feel like somehow rasa nak muntah. You know, I have this panic attack when it come to word exam.
      I already plan one or two things to do next month macam reupdate my abandon blogshop, search for job, LOST 10kg in 1 month before I'm going back to Johor next year [is it even possible?!?]. As cuti sekolah dah bermula, my whole family plan nak bercuti-cuti Malaysia to Cameron Highland and pantai timur. Cameron Highland? sound like a good idea to me but Kelantan, Terengganu? NO. NO. But, don't judge me wrong. Tak ada kena mengena pun dgn racism or what, tapi sebenarnya sebab:
  • Kalau it take 2,3 hours maybe OK but more than that macam tak boleh. I just can't stand the heat, headache, motion sickness etc. during the journey. Nak balik JB, my own hometown pun berkira-kira.
  • When it comes to bag-packing, I tend to pack more unused stuff. Eh, kejap. Semua barang pun penting, semua barang kena bawa. Just in case. Better sediakan payung sebelum hujan kan? But the not-so-best part mestilah kena angkat beg berbondong-bondong. Lainlah kalau ada private bell boy kan. Hohoho~
Ayah should sell all the cars and buy a bus or maybe RV! that would super-bombastic-bomb-diggity plan. As for above reason, I prefer to stay at home. But Lin tak nak jadi selfish and ruin all the plan, right? But hey, look at the bright side! [saying to myself~ again and again] At least, we can spend some quality family times, plus, what-on-earth I'll be doing there after this? Kalau dah start kerja busy bagai so and so, bila lagi nak pergi? Inilah masaya nak melawat tempat orang ye tak?
     Cerita Lain: I broke my camera [or maybe I should state that I broke my ayah's camera?] and I don't know whether it can be fix or not. (+_______+) Digital camera are super damn cheap nowadays. Tapi rasanya dalam masa terdekat ni, belum lagilah nak beli [sambil seluk saku yang berhabuk]. BUT! there's a good news! ada orang yang baik hati sangat-sangat nak bagi his camera to me for free! Thanks Nor! OK. Tak sabar tunggu Rabu depan, I feel so super excited! OK. Nak keluar kejap, ada orang dah tunggu *wink*


  1. kalau saya pun suka bawa barang banyak-banyak. rasa lain kalau bawa sikit je. huhu...

    1. samalah (^________^) kita serupa~~~

    2. orang bawa 1 beg, saya bawa 2 1/2 beg. hahaha..

  2. yg 1/2 tu mesti beg makeup or toiletries kan?



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