Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Cik Suzlin's Product Range?

I wish one day I can start a "homemade" personal care stuff business bla bla bla, yang penting business which I can work comfortably from home. Angah said,"Buat apa belajar pulun susah-susah when you end up kerja cam kuli batak". I don't care enough about his statement that time, but now I realize that he is right [can't agree more with him]. duh~
     Hey, at least I do have "professional scroll", right? well almost. Tinggal dua bulan je lagi Internship, then I would be free to do anything termasuklah cari modal untuk berniaga. Oh, can I really achieve my dream

Doing some research here and there.


Maria Menado~ said...

InsyaAllah lin.. :)

eimah siti said...

insyaAllah..btw, the packaging is so cute...^_^

zanox II said...

Ehh..dah masuk dlm belog..heheee ;)

#ciksuzlin said...

Itulah. Thanks to you! (^________^)