Saturday, September 1, 2012

Why I love much?

Ah~ *super big relieve* It's finally Saturday!
  1. I can stay up late, night before.
  2. ...reason to wake up late.
  3. Proper home cooked meals.
  4. Free food sample @ Jaya Jusco, Tesco/ Giant. 
  5. MORE time to exercise.
  6. MORE time spend in front of my lappy
  7. MORE time to do all house chore. 
  8. MORE time for "Me-time"
  9. Can do ALL above, again tomorrow, since its still holiday!
  10. ..and I can't stay up late, tonight!
What is your favourite day?

Don't you just love Saturday~
#Lunch: chicken and tuna w/cheese.
#Lunch: beef stroganoff with brown rice.


Yee Ling said...

Me too I love to stay up late to watch movies.hehhehe

#ciksuzlin said...


Hanif Idrus said...

Saturday...memang time tidur lewat!!!!!!! hehehhee