Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wednesday | Short Note

Things to look forward this week:
  • Hari ni ada makan-makan [free food!] dekat KK [Klinik Kesihatan, where I do my internship] organize by KK staff as this week will be our last week there. [I hope so]
  • Assignment and lot of exercise. sigh~
  • Ayah datang Ipoh lagi, esok! (^_______^)
  • ...and the best part! dapat 3 or maybe 4/5 or 6 parcel within this week! yeah! I love getting mail<--- jakun.
Good morning beauties!


Puteri Panda said...

6 parcel? wow! ^___^

Ammar Are-liff -AA- said...

Salam perkenalan. Datang blogwalking season malam ni. hehe :)D

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