Sunday, September 9, 2012

Total Image Exchange Program at Watson, Biotherm and Clinique samples.

Semalam dulu Lin ada post entry tentang Total Image Exchange Program, Biotherm and Clinique free samples dekat my other blog--->HERE, HERE and HERE. Then today bermulalah aktiviti-aktiviti cheapskate kami and this is the result:
Natural Crystal Roll On Deodorant worth RM14.90.
Total Image S body worth RM59.90.
3x Biotherm Revitalizing Eye Massagem 1.5ml samples worth RM16 each. 
TOTAL SAVING TODAY: RM122.80. Isn't it great?
Mesti korang confuse kan mana sample Clinique? Well dear~ saya telah dihalau oleh saleperson itu. Dia tak nak layan and tak mahu bagi. Oh, sedih sekejap. Mentang-mentanglah kita nak barang free~ kan? Apa-pun I'm happy today! (^_________^)" Oh ya, kalau anda-anda nak tahu tentang freebies-freebies semasa, keep up with me dengan follow blog saya yang ini ya ----> [I LOVE FREE STUFF].


  1. jhtnya. dia halau. ble wt komplen tu

  2. mana boleh main halau. buruk perangai betul! kalau tak nak bagi brg free jgn buat promosi bg brg free.



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