Friday, September 14, 2012

The Best Clay Mask Ever: Clay Mineral Mask by Zanox

     Salam gorgeous, it's gonna be another loong~ weekend. yeah! Kalau awak-awak baca entri Lin sebelum-sebelum ni, Lin ada bagitahu yang since last month ni Lin ada cuba try homemade mask. So hari ni Lin nak share my verdict about homemade mask yang Lin beli dari Homemade by Zanox:
[As kulit Lin jenis combination, Lin try Yellow Clay Mask for normal skin type]
[Pic source: Variation of Clay Mineral Mask by Zanox]
Product Info:
Clay mineral mask - 100% made of kaolin clay and French clay without any other additives.
3 variations:
Green clay mask for oily and acne prone skin. Helps to reduce acne and blemishes as well as significantly reduces oily skin.
Pink clay mask for dry and sensitive skin. Helps to retain moisture while exfoliating dead skin cell to reveal fresher look.
Yellow clay mask for normal skin types.
Direction of us: Mix 1 teaspoon of clay mask with distilled water. Mix until it forms a mud-like paste. Apply all over face and wait for 20 minutes. DO NOT wait until mask dried. Use ONLY ONCE a week.
Ingredients: Kaolin clay, French green clay, French pink clay, French yellow clay. 
Price: RM5 for Mini pack and RM25 for Jumbo pack
My verdict:
I guess I've found another favourite! It does help in improving my skin texture, exfoliate, get rid of oil and clean stubborn dirt on my pores. The best part? This is Natural product which is good; It doesn't dry your skin [as long as y'all ikut instruction la], tak ada irritation dan gatal-gatal, redness and breakout afterwards plus jimat [especially for a girl with student budget like me] My skin love it! surely gona buy some more. Huhuhu~
Amacam? Teruja tak? So, if awak-awak semua would like to give it a try. You can buy it from Homemade by Zanox FB page. In addition, Homemade by Zanox ada juga jual face and body scrub, cleanser, eye cream and homemade product yang lain. Kalau in doubt, you can even buy the sample size dulu OK? Lin pun ada beli sample Back beauty soap and eye cream dia and currently masih dalam tempoh trial, belum boleh review lagi, yang tu kita cerita dekat entri lain la ya. Huhuhu. 
     Nanti dah guna, share your thought dengan Lin juga tau. Boleh kongsi-kongsi experience. So, why wait? Check them out k dear (^_______^)

From Malaysian to Malaysian. Happy 16th September!


  1. i guna yg kaler pink tu.kan i peknen ni malas guna two way cake,so i guna jer clay mask ni lepas pelembab instead of bedak (zan yg suggest guna cara ni).memang best..x clog pores,muka pun tak oily atau kering.. :)

  2. lin, nak review psl eye cream please... agak2 boleh hilang tak mata panda saya ni? klu hilang mesti kena tukar nama kan? hehehe ^____^

    1. I will dear (^______^) Tunggu dulu ek, Lin nak tengok keberkesanannya. Huhuhu~



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