Monday, September 17, 2012

Here and There.

     Alhamdulillah, sampai Ipoh petang tadi. Do you know how I miss my beloved laptop and comfy bed? Dari petang sampai sebentar tadi tak berhenti-henti buat kerja [termasuk mengemas rumah etc.<---bajet rajin] and currently dah siap 3 big task, so I guess I need a rest sekejap and boleh update blog! but still, I have one last important task to do tonight. Hope I still have time to read some notes for tomorrow exam (+______+)" *sigh~* Sila layan gambar berikut:

Like seriously, bila Lin tengok papan iklan/billboard near Mydin Meru; at first I thought it was a joke!..turned out to be real. This is funny, at least to both of us. Taste? Livita/Redbull is better la.
Pisang Montel. Dulu masa I was a kid yang baru pandai berlari-lari anak, my parents always buy this kind of pisang. It's been a loooooooonng~~~ time till yesterday when I saw same exact kind of this Pisang Montel at Tesco. But sadly, it's so small compared to pisang that I eat 20 years ago. Why oh why?
This is weird. Tok Wan En. Qushaiey tanam pokok anggur, in Kedah! Surprisingly, pokok anggurnya berbuah. Yup, you heard me right. Pokok anggur~

Sebenarnya, banyak benda Lin nak update dekat blog ni [8 entry in draft folder termasuk resepi cheese cake mudah yang Lin nak share] but I guess we have to wait until this Thursday la kot as currently my brain being occupied by so many thing. (>_____<)" Oh please, bila la saya nak bergoyang kaki ala mak datin without anything yang mengusutkan di dalam kepala.

Oh, can't wait for my 1st beauty box ever!


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