Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Book Review| oh, i thought i was the only one by Kopi Soh

I buy this book last month on MPH online as they having free delivery offer. Lin beli buku ni sebab baca good review on their website, so based on that I thought this is another "Chicken Soup" book which I do love and look forward to read. But, I was wrong. It's more than that. Jadi, this time Lin rasa, I should share about this books to you guys.

"We read to know we are not alone" ~C.S. Lewis
About the book: Synopsis
[source: MPHonline]
As you read through this book, you will be able to identify with some, if not all, of the true stories and issues that are highlighted in this book.
These issues are closely guarded dark secrets, little-known to even family and friends. Many people suffer alone, desperately struggling for years while keeping their secrets hidden for fear of humiliation, rejection and being ostracized by society.
The author uses light humor to help readers identify and courageously deal with such issues within themselves, as well as in their relationships with others. By reading this book, you will feel less alone in coping with your problems and daily stressors. You will be able to pursue your passion in life, find your own happiness and perhaps someday learn to smile again.
Price: RM24.90

My Review
Life didn't come with instruction. Yes, there is wrong and there is right which obviously, options that we need to choose. But sometime ada benda yang kita sendiri confuse and buat kita tertanya-tanya. What should I do? Betul ke aku buat ni? Why she/he behave like that? Kenapa aku tak sama macam orang lain? Why does this happen to me? Is it normal for me to do this or that? Why do people treat me like this? etc. Tak kisahlah mana-mana aspek pun, your own self, your relationship with family and friends, marriage etc. As all this question end up with jalan mati, this thing boleh buat kita stuck and feel alone which I believed y'all mesti ada rasa yang sama. Well, at least sometime.

So, after reading this book, honestly buat Lin berfikir panjang. It make me realize that rupa-rupanya Lin tak berseorangan, it's normal to feel this and that sebab orang lain pun feel the same way too as I am. Cuma kita je yang tak tahu, sebab most of us lebih suka keep that to ourself and bermain dengan perasaan sendiri in order to be accepted or mungkin atas sebab-sebab yang lain. I named this book "My SANITY-lifter book".

Enough said, you should buy this book. It's worth it.

My Rating
Thanks Kopi Soh sebab write this book. 

For more info, you can find this book on their website or MPH online. 
Cara lain, cari buku ni dekat kedai buku ---> [List Kedai Buku yang ada jual buku ni]
Author FB: Kopi Soh

P/S: Well, I've never reviewed about books before even I do have Goodread account [online book clubs..sort of]. So, feel free to ask me anything.


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wah bleh try baca nih..

Kopi Soh said...

Thank you so much for the fantastic review!! You are so awesome :)

I hope others will get the same benefit from the book too.

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Thnks fr sharing:) will get the book

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Kopi's Art said...

Some updates I wanted to share here (with your permission Cik Suzlin),
Currently I am trying to translate this book to Malay and make a mini ebook with different chosen chapters so I can reach out and help more people. Any feedback from readers here would be very much appreciated.

The translated mini ebook I intend to give free. So any help is much appreciated.