Monday, July 9, 2012

What a Day!

     Ok. Entri berjalan-jalan lagi. Yes, we're so bored. Sebab tu kami asyik berjalan-jalan. This time kami pergi Ipoh Parade. Main-main Samsung Galaxy Tab and iPad 2 yang tak mampu dibeli sampai puas, baca buku dekat Popular plus ada "brain talk" whatever dekat sana and of course, window shopping and...
Brain Talk.
What I've learn. Well, you should use your brain everyday. Kalau kaki tak bergerak setahun, after one year that kaki tak boleh guna. Same happen with our brain lah~ kalau tak guna, it will die. We have to use it everyday. Even tak ada kerja pun , do some sudoku or puzzle or anything instead that involve brain to think critically. Right?
This book really caught my eye, cost RM30. (T_______T)
Next time time..
Cari prop untuk my new blog, I guess. Really need new identity.
Cuaca Ipoh hari ini: Tengah hari panas, Petang hujan
...and today I get this all for free~~~~~~! like seriously.

Hey, I love receiving surprises in the mail!...anything FREE, TAKE!