Tuesday, July 31, 2012

How to Live a Life?

What kind of life do you want? For me, my perfect life would be:
0530 Waking up early, pray, exercise and eat breakfast.
0700 Check my journal on what to do list for that day, clean my house, shopping for groceries, online, browse through web, event etc.
1100 Cook for lunch and dinner, eat lunch, pray, volunteering here and there etc.
1600 Pray, exercise, go for a walk/ gardening, tea.
1800 Dinner, pray.
2100 TV, etc.
2300 Browse through internet, update my blog. List out everything I want to do tomorrow morning etc. and sleep, wake up and so on~ so on~
Yup. Carefree life with no stress and debt is what I needed most and for that I need a decent house with small garden, and of course, infinite money to pay for my food, bill and utilities. Is there any "cheat code" for this life? Please, tell me.*I'm going insane* I know there's a one or two ways, but it involve working until you retired OR invest a lot of money to ASB account  [Amanah Saham Bumiputera..duh~] and live my life with it yearly profit. Let say, if I invest RM3m and the yearly dividend is 10%. At the end of the year I already have RM300,000 to spent. Correct me if I'm wrong. But the problem is, I don't have that money. I don't even have a single cents. I have RM70k study debt to pay. So, if there's someone out there care to lend me RM3m. Please don't hesitate to call me. (=_______=)" So, what kind of life do you want?  



Nurul Akmal said...

Kalau akak nak kehidupan yg sempurna.. Ade masa untuk diri sendiri, x nak kehidupan yg penuh dgn tekanan.. :-)

zOeY zAu YaH said...

x tahu nk ckp apa.tp bg org x sht mcm saya ni pandangan mengenai kehidupan dh lain dari org lain.harta benda semua x dak makna dah tp sisa hidup yg tenang,gembira dan dkt dgn allah.itu saja =)