Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Beauty No-No When You're Pregnant

Hari-hari Lin tengok Youtuber It Judy's Life since dia buat daily vlog bersama her husband, Benji [from the first day they both get married last year, SUPER SWEET. And currently, she's pregnant. Yeah~ sekarang tak silap Lin dah 6 bulan. OK. Stop. Hari ni Lin nak kongsi article, harap membantu. 
Aliases: isotretinoin, tretinoin, acitretin, etretinate, adapalene, tazarotene, Vitamin A, retin-A
Found in: prescription treatments for acne and psoriasis (including brand names Accutane, Retin-A, Renova, Amnesteem, Soriatane, Claravis, Sotret, Tegison, Differin, Tazorac) and certain types of cancer (Vesanoid and Targretin).
What they do: unblock pores of oil glands that cause nodular acne and psoriasis. Limited research indicates they may reverse sun damage, reduce wrinkles and treat and possibly prevent certain types of cancer.
Why the red flag: Retinoids are the big, bad no-no. Oral treatments containing them have been directly linked to miscarriages and birth defects. Although research suggests that topical retinoids (Retin-A, Renova) do not pose the same risk, enough concerns exist regarding their safety that you should seek the okay from your derm and OB/GYN before you even consider using them.
Aliases: dibutyl phthalate (DBP), diethylhexyl phthalate (DEHP)
Found in: nail/cuticle treatments, lipstick, anti-aging products, fragrance
What they do: They're plasticizers that add texture and luster to cosmetics, help fragrances last longer or absorb into the skin better, and make nail polish chip-resistant.
Why the red flag: Research says exposure might be linked to developmental and reproductive toxicity, particularly to male fetuses. There's enough concern about the safety of DBP that Urban Decay completely discontinued the use of phthalates in its line of nail polishes. Even if a product contains phthalates, the label might not list it as an ingredient if it is a component of a fragrance because the ingredients in a fragrance are protected under trade secret laws. If this is a concern, buy "fragrance-free" products.
Alias: sodium methylparaben, methylparaben, ethylparaben, propylparaben, butylparaben
Found in: moisturizer, shampoo, conditioner, anti-aging products, sunscreen, toner/astringent, makeup
What they do: They are preservatives that protect products from bacterial growth
Why the red flag: Limited research indicates parabens may disrupt the body's hormone systems, and there is enough concern about methylparaben that it has been banned or deemed unsafe for use in certain cosmetics in the European Union.
Alias: perfume, parfum, cologne, scent, deodorant
Found in: Just about everything from moisturizer, perfume and lipstick to self-tanner and deodorant
What they do: Fragrance is generally used to mask the unfriendly odors of chemicals used in a product or to make the product smell more appealing.
Why the red flag: Because individual ingredients in "fragrance" are protected by trade secret laws, companies are not required to divulge ingredients -- some of which may pose risks. There is no legal definition of the term "fragrance-free," so even if a product is marketed as such, it may still contain a masking fragrance.

Alias: methylbenzene
Found in: nail products
What it does: It's an industrial solvent (liquid that can dissolve chemical substances) that allows nail polish to go on smoothly and stick to the nail.
Why the red flag: There is a high risk for developmental and reproductive toxicity, including brain and cell damage, when exposed to large doses of toluene, particularly when it is inhaled. Although it is still found in nail products, it has been deemed unsafe for use in cosmetics by the International Fragrance Association Codes and Standards.
Found in: nail-strengthening and cuticle treatments, hair color/bleaching, styling gel/lotion
What it does: Formaldehyde is a preservative, disinfectant and hardener in cosmetic products
Why the red flag: The Cosmetic Ingredient Review Council has recommended limiting the use of it in cosmetics because of proven links to cancer and reproductive/developmental toxicity toluene. It has been banned or found unsafe in cosmetics in Japan and is restricted in cosmetics in Canada.
Aliases: PPD, PPDA
Found in: hair color/bleaching, hairspray, shampoo and conditioner
What it does: hair colorant
Why the red flag: This is the chemical that started all of the worry about getting your hair dyed while pregnant. High exposure has been linked to reproductive/developmental toxicity and cancer, and there's strong evidence that it's neurotoxic (a substance that damages the nervous system).
Alias: benzophenone
Found in: sunscreen
What it does: absorbs ultraviolet light
Why the red flag: While the risk is not as high as retinoids, there is limited research showing links to developmental toxicity and hormonal disruptions with high exposure.

Untuk bacaan tambahan yang lain, boleh pergi dekat Article Baby Center, OK? Love you all preg-O monster. 


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