Saturday, April 28, 2012

Housewife Syndrome.

Yeah~ It's finally the weekend. Kita suka gila hari Sabtu. So far, I've done nothing productive all day. Bangun pagi, guling-guling until 11, tengok youtube, have my brunch, tengok hindustan and tidur and wake up again layan youtube. Teringin nak pergi Jom Heboh dekat Stadium Ipoh but macam tak ada mood nak pergi as I'm not feeling very well. 
[ratah nutella while watching tv w/ my ♥ one]
Since Khamis lepas, my hubby layan one channel youtube ni, >It's Judy's Life<
and tetiba kita pula addicted to it. Well, this channel is about newly wed happy couple, Judy and Benji. Diorang buat everyday vlog bout themselves since diorang get married on 12th August, last year. Apa yang both of them buat setiap hari. Cerita pasal Judy with her makeup, cooking etc. etc. and Benji, her husband yang suka beli organic food yada..yada..~
[one of my favourite vlog]
The main thing is, bila Lin tengok vlog diorang, Lin dapat tengok diri Lin and of course with Encik Qushaiey and somehow it really inspired me and buat Lin rasa I'm not alone. 
[..apalah kite merepek ni (>_______<)".]
You know, being a housewife and stuff. ngeh~

Exam lagi 9 hari. Wish me luck!