Monday, February 20, 2012

Wonderful Sunday.

Disebabkan baucer buku 1Malaysia kami ada berbaki lagi RM100, so kami decide nak menghabiskannya hari ni.
Start with makan, of course. 
Him, nasi claypot and me, nasi claypot too. Tapi bungkus sebab tak suka mangkuk claypot tu. Boleh macam tu? Hahaha.
Lepas tu pergi MPH then Popular, then MPH again pastu Popular..again.
*back and forth*
Can't decided which books to buy. duh.
Nak cari buku Kompilasi Sherlock Holmes, PTS Publication yang Malay version, tapi tak ada pula. Lepas tu ternampak buku ni, nampak macam interesting:
But it cost RM60++, mahal tu~
Duh. Mesti korang kata aku merepek kan? Belum ada baby pun, dah kalut nak beli buku macam ni. Aku suka beli buku-buku macam ni as persediaan. Persediaan tu kan penting. Hahahaha. But I didn't buy it, maybe next time.
Finally we spend RM50 dekat MPH. Still got balance RM50.
Nak tahu aku beli apa? Stay tune kat entry seterusnya.


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