Saturday, February 18, 2012

Piece of Advice.

‎"So here's a piece of advice: let go when you're hurting too much. Give up when love isn't enough. And move on when things aren't like before. And it's certain there's someone out there who will love you even more. "
When we deal with the relationships we are willing participants of in our lives, we sometimes continue to hold on to relationships that hurt us way too much, way too often. There is a time for everything, and when love isn't enough to hold a relationship together anymore chances are it might be time to move on. 
It is important not to leave a relationship in hopes of finding a similar one that may be seen as a bit better than the last as soon as possible, it is instead better for a person to find themselves again when stepping out of a relationship, because relationships can take so much out of us. 
What is certainly true is that there is someone out there who will love you even more than you have been loved before if you were continuously subjected to dealing with immense pain in your previous relationships, stay faithful, and always keep your head up!