Tuesday, February 21, 2012

First day @Total Parenteral Nutrition [TPN] Dept.

      Minggu ni aku dah start attach dekat TPN. Nama Local Preceptor nya, Mr Tan. A nice and talkative Chinese man who always membebel pasal kenapa generasi sekarang kena bersyukur dengan kemudahan yang ada, blablabla. Hahaha.
     On my 1st day, nothing much to do. Early morning cuma swab here and there, this and that plus dengar my friend, Olerato membebel juga bout so many thing. Malas nak expand. Gila boring. Hahaha. In the afternoon, we have to swab some Morphine; well a lot actually. First time kot, tengok Morphine LIVE di tangan. [Ok fine, a lil bit jakun]
     Masa Lunch semalam, pergi jumpa Puan Santibuana, my supervisor, bincang pasal tajuk research. Alhamdulillah, tajuk yang aku nak buat tu dah lulus.[ANTIBACTERIAL ACTIVITY OF PROPOLIS AGAINST S. AUREUS [Gram +] AND E.COLI [Gram -] Simple je, tak ambil masa yang lama, a week or so, dah siap. Cool.
     Semoga hari-hari mendatang lebih baik dari semalam :'>


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