Saturday, December 24, 2011


*part timer @Dubliners Cafe*
Disebabkan hati yang masih berbunga-bunga pasal result exam
dan hari ni 3 parcel present akan sampai *including Garnier hamper..yippee!*
I treat myself with~
*matilah gemuks, bila nak kurus*
order sekali dua. Fish Pie dengan Chicken Chop.
*of course la kat Dubliners Cafe kan*
sila jealous, sebab bos buat CREAMIER FISH PIE EVER!
*ok. over*
gila sedap. crave for more fish pie.
habis RM50.
got 3 new products from Guardian.
*new for me la macha~*
Bio-Essence Deep Cleanser (with Pine Pollen)
cost me RM14.17 after less 25%
Vaseline Lotion Total Moisture Cocoa Glow, RM7.50.
bau coklat sangat best!
my hubby love it though. and last but not least
Guardian Mouthwash.
Biasanya guna Listerine, tapi saja-saja nak try yang Guardian punya.
lagi murah. 750ml for RM9.88.
wait for my next reviews.
lupa pulak. on the way balik semalam kami beli durian.
Perak musim durian sekarang ni. murah-murah.
5 biji RM10, tapi lagi dua biji kami dah makan siap-siap dekat tempat jual durian tu.
[@Sunway City, Ipoh]


  1. durian tu yang sedap tu...yummy!

    hidung korang tak mancung?tak cantik?mari tengok sini..
    #ini bukan iklan okes..

  2. best nye durian..mkn dgn pulut best nyelah.

  3. haish smela kite.kite pon kalau g watson abes rm 50 rm60.haha



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