Saturday, November 19, 2011

It's been a while.

lama juga aku tak update blog. 
dalam seminggu. sebab: hp rosak tak boleh upload gambar.
*as aku akan update blog based on gambar aku snap hari itu. most of the time~*
and tak ada mood.
mungkin sebab banyak benda dalam kepala aku sekarang ni.
too much to handle.
for now, study dah habis.
should I say yippee?
At this time, aku still risau about everything..future.
One thing on my mind: Kuching
I really hope for this.
damn. seriously.
if this happen, it would be GREAT. GREAT. GREAT.
P/S:but at the same time, saya tak nak jauh dari awak sebab even 4 jam pun awak tak ada boleh buat saya jadi tak betul. ini kan pulak berhari, berbulan, bertahun.


  1. ni gambar lama ni. tersangat lama. hehee


    xmau sedih2 k!

  2. at least study dah habis...
    best nyer.... XD



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