Saturday, October 29, 2011

tough decision.

i'm bored
my ❤ dah tinggalkan kunci motor in case aku nak pergi mana-mana.
tapi saat ini, i'm still thinking whether to go out or NOT.
i'm hungry.
today, i'm craving for:
☑ dory fillet sweet and sour
☑ mister potato chip
☑ spicy McChicken
instead of call for delivery~
ish. mahal lah.
berbaloi ke RM20 untuk sorang makan?
[as I will order Oreo McFlurry and Apple Pie as well]
better keluar makan je kat McD depan rumah ni. Bukan jauh sangat. ish. makan sorang tak best lah.
*forever alone*
or maybe I just grab some chips kat Giant and watch movie until my ❤ balik?
I end up masak maggi for myself!
no need to go out.
mana telur?
tak ada.
bila maggi dah masak,
open fridge. dem! no kicap manis cap kipas udang!
*kalau tak ada kicap, macam mana nak makan maggi!~hantu kicap*
tunggu maggi sejuk dulu.
*lidah senang melecur*
dah hilang semua rasa craving dari pagi tadi.
still. nak keluar ke tak nak?


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