Monday, October 3, 2011

isnin.part I.

"Both of us have flaws,
but the difference is that
you always talk about breaking the relationship
and I talk about making it work"
hati sakit *tunjuk jantung* just wanna say, you shouldn't have to be perfect, i just want you to use your FUCKING brain.
mood: sakit hati. lagi dan lagi.
TQ for ruined my day, again and again.
received this pagi tadi.
Mighty Max Pendrive from Campbell Soup.
ada lagi satu OK.
hadiah GA dari UK dah sampai.
[rujuk entry ni]
shawl besar gabak.
ok. sekarang. sila jeles.
ada kuiz PharmChem hari ni.
*macam biasa*
asal PharmChem je tensen.
asal Organic Chem je tensen.
Asal Physical Chem je tensen.
Biochem tak tension pulak.
*confuse dengan diri sendiri*
ok Suzlin!
don't give up, yet!
now ni nak guna teknik belajar baru.
nak baca satu bab sampai boleh explain kat orang
dan paksa lecturer dengar aku jadi "lecturer"
boleh ka?


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