Monday, August 15, 2011

15 hari berpuasa, kan?

o dem. esok ad kuiz anti-effective.
apa pun tak baca lagi.
banyak-banyak ubat, aku cuma ingat satu. 
zentel. albendazole. worm infection.
sebab aku belikan adik aku ubat cacing every 6 months.
kakak mithali kan.
lagi 12 hari nak balik rumah and beraye
if i die before everyone else;
to my ibu, ayah, abang ngah, uda, aliff, baby daniel and you my ❤,
from the bottom of my heart, i just want you all know that I ❤ you all and i'm sorry that i can't be a perfect daughter, sister and a wife for you. thanks for everything. halalkan makan minum.
live your life to the fullest, and please pray for me.
i'll wait for you till the end of the world.
and lastly to all people that may know me; minta maaf kalau ada salah silap terkasar bahasa dll. 
hahaha. tetiba macam nak type ni kan. silap2 orang misunderstood this as suicide note. bukan apa, mati bila-bila. takut tak sempat nak bagitau kat orangorang yang kita sayang yang kita sayang diorang. hah~ 
sediakan payung sebelum hujan.
dah la. nak lipat baju. nak study.


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