Thursday, October 19, 2017

Berkenaan Pizza with Mission Pizza Crust

Pizza idea topping fast cheap
Salam and Hi. Mak cuma nak share tentang this product: Mission Pizza Thin Crust ;) Mak love pizza, siapa yang tak suka kan? Normally mak akan beli je. Tapi seratus kali fikir juga. Why? Sebab mahal. Kenapa mahal? Sebab I will add on a lot of different topping end up regular size pizza sahaja dah RM20+. Nak buat sendiri, malas leceh nak menguli. Dan it texture doesn't feel right. Yes, mak dah try several times and kurang mahir. 

But I love thin crust anyway, sebab kalau nak makan yang jenis pan crust/beroti, I can simply make a sandwich. It's all about topping and crunchy pizza crust. Macam 1 kepuasan, if you know what I mean ;) #kakimakan

Thank god ada this kind of product in the market. Bila craving pizza, boleh buat and makan bila-bila masa anytime within 15 minutes. Got any leftover? Just chop-chop, put that gooey-goodness mozarella, a bit parmesan or cheddar for that salty savoury bites and bake in the oven for bout 10 minutes and makan!

Semalam mak buat tuna and crabmeat pizza. Apply tomato sauce a bit, italian herbs, thousand island mayo, tuna, crabstick (a lot!) onion and of course mozarella and cheddar. Barulah complete. Yummy, 2 batch licin.

Sebab dia crunchy, lepas ni mak nak try buat chips or maybe a bruschetta or any finger foods for my superheroes. Or maybe I should prepare a chicken wrap for picnic this weekend. Yeah! Till then, Salam.

P/S: Thanks Ruby ;)

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

I'm a Mission's Pizza Contest Winner

This is it, Mak menang Mission's Pizza Contest held by Ruby.My and Mission Foods Malaysia. Thank you Ruby and Mission Foods Malaysia.
resepi pizza paling mudah
Mak dapat pizza peels/paddle, pizza cutter and 2 set of Mission Food Pizza Crust in 2 flavours: Plain and Wholemeal.

For those always on the go but would still like a delicious home-made meal, grab Mission’s all new Pizza Crust, perfect for creating great meals and great memories. You know you’ve got the best when its made by one of the world’s largest flatbread makers.

Each pack some with two shelf-stable (unfrozen, ambient) 10” diameter untopped pizza crusts. Available in two flavours – Plain and Wholemeal, the crispy thin pizza crusts have the signature Mission taste, and are made using the finest ingredients for that authentic Italian taste. Now that the crust is sorted, the sky is the limit when it comes to creating pizza toppings which doubles as a fun family activity as well.

Try a basic Margarita Pizza with a basic tomato sauce and cheese, or meatier, stackier versions, or even dessert pizzas! Quick, simple and convenient meals enjoyed by the whole family is now made easier with Mission’s Pizza Crusts.

Established in 1959, Mission Foods, is one of the world’s largest tortilla, flatbread and corn flour producers in the world and is engaged primarily in the production, marketing, distribution and sale of tortillas, tacos, corn chips, wraps, flatbreads, corn and wheat flour.

Over 20,000 people are employed globally across all the operations with facilities in Mexico, the USA, Central America, Europe and Asia Pacific. All products for the Malaysian foodservice market is made out of the state of the art facilities in the Region, namely, Selangor Malaysia and Shanghai China. The division’s main brand is Mission®.

With 60 years successful experience, Mission Foods manufacture over 25% of the world’s flatbreads demonstrating clear global leadership, making the company the world’s largest manufacturer of these products.

Our Malaysia plant is ISO 22000:2005 and ISO 9001:2000 certified by UKAS in 2006, and also HALAL certified by JAKIM and our Shanghai plant is ISO -9000, HACCP, ISO-14000, OHSAS-18000 and GFSI certification under FSSC-22000.

For more info, do keep a look out for new recipes, promotions and contests on their Facebook Page @missionfoodsmalaysia and Instagram

Alhamdulillah. Mak memang suka product Mission Food, especially wrap perisa onion and chive. Prepare earlier, wrap in aluminium foil. Bila nak makan, cuma panaskan dalam microwave or oven. Senang, cepat dan mudah. Yang paling penting, sihat ;)

Nanti mak up recipe mudah menggunakan pizza crust Mission ni. Till then, Salam and Happy Deepavali.

Monday, October 16, 2017

My 4th Pregnancy

Sebenarnya Mak tak tahu nak cerita pasal apa kalau bab pregnancy ni. Dah 3 previous pregnancy, maybe I should share bout my experience prenatal, postnatal, sort of? or my experience masa mak mula-mula TTC (try to conceive)? I don't know. But honestly pregnancy this time memang penat ya ampun juggling with my current 3 superheroes, dengan segala macam ailment, work stuff (I'm WAHM), house chores etc. all alone. Tuhan je lah tahu betapa rasa nak give up je kekadang.

Heh, I'm just being real and YES, IT'S A BOY, again. Ni last, lepas ni Mak nak tutup production dah *facepalm*

Did I told you that Mak pergi 4D Scan last month dekat Klinik Nur Aini, Pasir Gudang? RM100 for pic and video (dalam CD) and printed report. Best jugalah, tapi tak boleh compare Columbia Hospital punya 4D scan (with Dr. Rajesh, highly recommended).
4d scan 26 weeks
Baby sembunyikan muka, but kalau tengok above picture betul-betul you can see side of his face. He move actively masa scan session. Kejap pusing sana, kejap pusing sini. Hiccups some more. Especially when he hear his brothers voice. Macam tak sabar-sabar nak keluar main dengan abang-abang. *pengsan*

Of course la I'm super excited, in fact kami semua super excited. Alhamdulillah, he's doing just fine and actively kicking my thin stomach yang dah start develop stretch mark all over the place. I notice that this time, baby a bit bigger. Ke perasaan mak je? Even my husband ask whether I'm sure I'm pregnant with one baby cause my tummy look huge and at 6 months mak dah start look like penguin, walk like a penguin.

Apa-apa pun, it's confirm satu je dalam perut Mak ni. Mak belum fikir nak bubuh nama apa. Yusuf? maybe. Feel free to give me any idea ;) and doakan kami sekeluarga. InsyaAllah. Till then, Salam.
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