Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Benda Free Kebanyakan Orang Tak Hargai.

      Kebelakangan banyak monolog dalam yang berlaku, tak pasti samaada I dah cuckoo a bit or just another episode of housewife and mother blues syndrome. Hormone maybe? Well, I was thinking bout this since, er, kelmarin? Do you appreciate benda yang you dapat free? Macam free sample, presents, coupon, free newspaper or even flyers etc. Me? It depends. Last Monday my ayah came to my house and suddenly ask why I haven't pull out all the appliances sticker. Macam ni:
The the truth is, yang sebenarnya ayah, that is the sign that I appreciate whatever you gave me and I want it to be just like macam mula-mula dapat, terjaga. Nak reply macam tu tapi yang keluar dekat mulut lain. Hahaha. I don't know, I reply to my ayah and said that I am weird just like that and my dad just laugh. Want another proof? My two years ++ old Acer laptop yang ayah beli for my 22's birthday.
     Yup, tak buka lagi. Plastic keyboard pun. This is how I appreciate what people gave. Am I just weird or sadism or psycho sampai macam ni sekali, no? Perfect, cause I'm a people-pleaser, sentimental person?       Nope, it depends on who and what they give or do for me as I said earlier. I don't keep present from my ex-boyfie; I don't mind when my lil bro accidentally burn my big teddy that you gave me for my birthday even at that time I'm still in a relationship with you; sorry, free samples that I can't use but I didn't give it to anyone who can use it and I just throw it dalam dustbin, and of course, free past date-flyers, tickets, keepsake yang entah apa-apa as I know one or two person that keep all this kind of "sampah", no he's [or she's] not some sort of hoarder. Dia suka kitar semula barang lah, duh. It's how dia appreciate mother nature blablabla. But I do keep coupons, sebab I'm a cheapskate person. Hargailah orang dah penat-penat buat promosi kupon bagai kan. Hahaha.
      Itu barang tau, ada 1001 cerita and cara you can describe how you appreciate it. Macam mana you appreciate something yang people do for you? Cukup je ke cakap terima kasih? Especially kalau involve sacrifice ya amat, menyusahkan orang ya amat untuk do this and that for you? Do you appreciate it? Do you? atau you take it for granted? or free-doing idea ni tak boleh diterima akal or budaya you? or you fikir kalau orang buat baik dengan you tak kisahlah baik tahap tinggi or rendah, terus mindset kepala you fikir; oh, ni mesti nak something, oh ni mesti ada udang sebalik batu, oh nak bodeklah tu. Bab ni tak nak cakap banyak, tepuk dada tanya akal. 

P/S:..damn, tak tahulah aku bebel apa.

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  1. nampak macam Pittakionophobia tapi bukan hehehhe apa pon bagus gak gitu. macam hp, kadang2 syg plak nak tanggal plastik stiker kat skrin hp. tapi kalau tak buang nanti, nak baca msg macam mana kan? hehehe



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